Biblical Studies

Our Hebrew Identity

While it is true that we all have an identity or nationality from the country where we were born, have you ever wondered where that

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Law and Grace

While the Torah was given through Moses, grace and truth came through Yeshua. John 1:17 So, let’s ask ourselves: If grace and truth came through

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The Shabbat

What is Shabbat? Should believers in the Messiah celebrate it? How should it be stored? What are the prohibitions on Shabbat day? Discover with us, the bliss that

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The Month of the Aviv

When do we celebrate Passover? What is the importance of the new moon and ripe barley (aviv) and the Biblical reference to determine the first

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The Creator’s Diet

Does God really care what we eat? If not, then where in Scripture does it say that God changed his mind from what he said to

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