The Feasts of Yehovah

We were created to interact with Creation at all levels. The original mandate was: “fill the earth and rule it”. Instead, we have clustered together to live in paved, skyscraper-filled, highly polluted cities and have lost sight of “the Garden” in which we were originally placed.

The modern lifestyle has not disconnected us from nature – Yehovah’s Creation – and has “connected” us to an artificial life that prevents us from understanding the way God acts.

In this condition we do not know or understand the Feasts that were given to us, since they are linked to nature and the cycles of food cultivation.

Not only have we lost the opportunity to recognize our Father’s hand in nature, but we also ignore the meaning of His Appointed Times. Yehovah our Father, determined multiple celebrations throughout the year:

For the season of Spring:

    • The Celebration of Pesach (Passover).
    • The Feast of Matzoth (Unleavened Bread).
    • The celebration of Bikkurim (First Fruits).
    • The Feast of Shavuot (Weeks or Pentecost).

For the Autumn season

    • The celebration of Yom Teruáh (Trumpets).
    • The celebration of Yom Kippurim (Day of Atonements).
    • The Feast of Sukkot (Tents, Booths, or Tabernacles).

We have then Four Celebrations and Three Feasts each year. But we also have at the beginning of each month, the celebration of Yom Kodesh or beginning of the lunar month (see topic: Yehovah’s Calendar) and in each week, we have Shabbat, a gift from our Father so that we can suspend the routines that sometimes overwhelm us, and take a break from the hand of Him (See topic: Shabbath, the First Commandment).

In general, we can affirm that these Celebrations and Feasts have several purposes:

  • To set aside times to be with Him knowing Him and thanking Him for His permanent provision.
  • To keep us alert of the development of His perfect Eternal Plan.
  • To identify ourselves as His people by honoring Him.
  • Rejoice and rejoice in the proper manner and without harmful excesses.

When we practice these Celebrations and Feasts, we are recognizing that Yehovah is the center of our existence, so that we orbit around Him all year long, and in that way we give testimony that He is the most important Person in our life, additionally these are opportunities to develop our interpersonal relationships and take time to rest and enjoy the things He provides us.

Make up your mind to participate in Yehovah’s Feasts, because you will gain an understanding of His Word, which is not possible to achieve in any other way.

More information in: Upcoming Feasts

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