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Jake Hilton Joins The Rood Crew

JUNE 17, 2024

Michael Rood announced today that Jake Hilton has joined the A Rood Awakening! International teaching team.

“Jake is an excellent teacher,” says Rood. “I wanted Jake to join us because he really knows the Gospel of the Kingdom that Yeshua taught and how to communicate the difficult concepts in a way that everyone can understand.”

Tedd Clayton, CEO echoed Michael’s enthusiasm, noting that Jake will bring a refreshing variety of teaching tools to expand the ministry’s mission.

“As captivating as Jake’s teaching is, his writing skills are equally inspiring,” Clayton says. “He’s written a few pieces for us already and we look forward to making his posts a regular part of what we do. And his eye for video production is a plus; he single-handedly wrote the script, shot all the video, narrated, and produced an excellent documentary about Israel following the October 7th terrorist attack. It’s impressive.”

In addition to his blog posts and increasingly frequent teaching series coming soon in 2024 and 2025 on the ministry’s flagship program, Shabbat Night Live, Hilton will also host a Wednesday night teaching program that will adopt the name of his former YouTube ministry, The Sword of YHVH (coming soon).

“It is a tremendous honor and blessing to be part of A Rood Awakening! International,” Hilton says. “What the Father has done is truly extraordinary. All praise to YeHoVaH forever!”

Hilton’s first teaching series as a member of the Rood Crew will be a 7-episode Shabbat Night Live feature starting July 26, 2024 entitled, “Entering The Presence of YeHoVaH.”

For more information or to pass along a word of congratulations to Jake Hilton, please contact our Partner Services Department at 888-766-3610 or info@michaelrood.tv

Statement of Faith

There is only one YeHoVaH (God), the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who is the Creator, the Almighty, and sustainer of all things.

Yeshua (Jesus) is the living embodiment of the Word (the Bible). He became a human being of virgin birth (conceived by the Holy Spirit), lived out the Torah perfectly (i.e. led a sinless life), died in our place for our iniquity, and was raised on the third day providing atonement for the sins of the world. It is through Yeshua that we are grafted into God’s Kingdom as citizens in the covenants of the Almighty.

Yeshua’s birth, death, resurrection, and second coming are the fulfillment of the Feasts of the LORD. As an intermediate fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot), He was born on the first day and was circumcised on the eighth day. He then fulfilled the Spring Feasts of the LORD as our Passover sacrifice (John 1:29, 26), was raised on the third day and after which presented the First Fruits in heaven (The Day of First Fruits), then poured out His Spirit on the Feast of Pentecost (Shavuot). We believe that his return will fulfill the Fall Feasts of the LORD, namely The Feast of Trumpets (Yom Teruah), 

the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), and The Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot).

The Bible, in its original language, is infallible. We believe that the truth of Yeshua is divinely interwoven in both the old and new testaments. Thus, the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is one consistent theme and redemptive message of salvation through Yeshua.

There is one God-given law (more properly, “instruction” or Torah) for ALL peoples. There is no difference between believing Gentiles and believing Jews (Lev. 24:22, Num. 9:14) as to the instructions for how to live a righteous life.

Confessing and turning (repenting) from one’s sin and placing one’s faith in the atoning work of redemption accomplished by Yeshua is the only way to be forgiven of sin and to have the assurance of being “born again” at the resurrection. Salvation is by faith alone and not by works. However, the believer’s faith should be a motivation to do good works (i.e. “shema” or “hear and obey” the Torah [Deut. 6:4]) as the outward expression of one’s inward faith, expressed in a life reflective of the Almighty’s love, grace, and mercy embodied in Yeshua’s earthly ministry.

Michael Rood

Michael Rood is an author, historian, teacher, broadcaster, and life-long student of the Bible — a most unique “Biblical Chronologist”.

His dig site is the Bible, and his tools are research skills gained from decades of Biblical study and the unique experience of living in Israel, surrounded by authentic-yet-dismissed historic sites that hold archaeological proof of the Bible’s most fantastic stories.

Rood’s live teachings and video presentations showcase some of the most intriguing and controversial discoveries about the Bible in modern history, all with one purpose in mind: to reveal the TRUE Gospel of the Kingdom. In fact, his 13-week television series, The Chronological Gospels, was featured on History Channel with rave reviews!

“Famous for his no-nonsense teaching style, Michael Rood reveals the beauty and simplicity of the Gospel, while exposing Christian traditions and fairytales that prevent believers from realizing their true calling.”

Your faith will be renewed as Michael deciphers the parts of Scriptures that have been clouded by misunderstanding, leaving them open to refutation by non-believers and even well-intentioned scholars. Delving deep into the heart of the Scriptures to discover what is expected of us, God’s people, Michael illuminates the Bible from cover to cover in a way you’ve never experienced.

If you’ve been desperate for “something more,” be prepared to learn the answers that will change your life, revitalize your relationship with your Creator, and shine light on the evidence that proves the Bible’s veracity. And for censorship-free teachings on the most popular (and most controversial) subjects, download the all-new MichaelRood.tv app available for both iPhone and Android devices!

Michael Rood

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A Rood Awakening! International helps you demystify the secrets of the Bible, from the Feasts of the LORD, to the Ark of the Covenant, to the divine orchestration of the Messiah’s ministry. Your faith will be renewed and recharged as clouds of misinterpretation are lifted and the awesome truth of God’s Word is finally revealed!

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