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What is the Ambassador Club?

The Ambassador Club started in 2013 as a means to air Michael Rood’s message of YeHoVaH on television around the world. In just a few short months, over 130 countries around the world were watching Michael Rood, thanks to our Ambassador Club members. 

T’sir in Hebrew is “Ambassador”. It means “one who runs an errand for the King”, or “one who carries a message.” As an Ambassador, you provide others the opportunity to hear the same message that led you along your own journey of truth. You are marching alongside us. You are our boots on the ground that help us fight harder than ever to get the word out there! You enable us to reach behind enemy lines, restoring those who belong to YeHoVaH.


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Exclusive Ambassador Club Bonuses

This is a crucial time in our history! The message of Yeshua Messiah needs to go throughout the earth at a rapid pace — and you can help! Become an Ambassador to “bring it to the world” and help build The Kingdom of YeHoVaH!

How To Become An Ambassador

Commit a minimum of $100 each month or $1,200 each year.

Join The Ambassador Club

Donations of all types sent through this form are designated to the Ambassador Club


For further information regarding the Ambassador Club, please call our Partner Relations Department at: (888) 766-3610.