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Kingdom Killers - EPISODE 2 of 4

with Dr. Gail Davis

Friday, May 31, 8:00PM ET

EPISODE 2 of 4: False Evidence Appearing Real

YeHoVaH has not given us a spirit of fear — so why do we give in to it?

In this episode, Dr. Gail Davis explains why fear is the genesis of all negativity in our lives and encourages us to stop thinking of fear as a threat and start thinking of it as an acronym that exposes it for what it really is: False Evidence Appearing Real.

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One of the best ways for a military to defeat its enemy is to cut off its resources, rendering it defenseless. Spiritual warfare is no different.

If the enemy of your soul wants to make you ineffective for the Kingdom, all he has to do is cut off your supply line to the Almighty.

Dr. Gail Davis shares insight from her personal experience with doubt, diet, and diligence with her career that were destroying her spirit, mind, and body in the process. This series shows you how to renew your mind to win the battle!

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