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Why Not Jesus?
with Keith Johnson

SERIES STARTS: Friday, December 9, 8PM ET


Mainstream marketing has been flooded with a multi-million-dollar campaign to promote the Messiah …

… but is it pointing to a savior that doesn’t exist?

Keith Johnson explains why the “He Gets Us” campaign sends a misguided message based upon a false idea of “Jesus” and why the real question is: “Do we get Him?”

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Most of us did not start our spiritual journey with a Torah-observant mindset — we had what Keith Johnson calls a “Jesus journey.” We learned the Jesus stories and the Jesus songs, but there’s a big difference between knowing about him and truly knowing him. 

The truth is, we cannot truly understand his ministry or his message without first understanding his original, given name: Yeshua.

Why Not Jesus? with Keith Johnson stresses the importance of knowing the power and purpose of our Messiah’s name — because without it, we will fall into the trap of creating our own “Jesus” and our own religion.

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