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FINAL EPISODE: "Impossible Odds"
with Rodney Thompson

Friday, May 26, 8:00PM ET

EPISODE 3 of 3:

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It’s difficult to truly understand Yeshua’s love without understanding what it means to be adopted — to have all the rights, privileges, and freedoms of a member of a family that we don’t belong to.

Rodney Thompson helps us grasp what it means to be grafted in by sharing his own story of being forgiven and brought into the family of YeHoVaH.

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Rodney Thompson knows how to help people who have hit rock bottom — because he’s been there. What started as teenage drug use turned into an addiction he couldn’t escape, even to the point of robbing his own mother.

But that all changed when he encountered Yeshua in a crack house.

Today, Rodney teaches others about his mistakes and how the only way out is the God of Israel. This astonishing and inspiring message will get your attention and serves as a valuable tool for loved ones who find themselves in seemingly hopeless situations.

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