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NEW SERIES: Why I Left Mormonism
with Jake Hilton

EPISODE 3 of 6:
Friday, January 27, 8:00PM ET

Deliberate and Malicious

Could it be that the leaders of the Mormon Church simply don’t know that their doctrine does not line up with the Bible?

Do they simply not understand that Joseph Smith was not who he says he was?

Jake Hilton exposes the truth of what’s going on and, in his words, their actions are “deliberate and malicious.”

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Having been raised in the Mormon Church and later defending its tenets as an occupation, Jake Hilton has an understanding of the faith that very few can match — and today he calls it a dangerous religion. 

Why I Left Mormonism begins with Jake Hilton’s personal story of leaving Mormonism for the truth of Yeshua, and ends with a stark warning that will shake what you thought you knew about this mysterious off-shoot of Christianity. 

Through sound biblical reasoning, Jake Hilton explains how the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints leads the innocent astray with its disturbing doctrine.

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