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2022-23 Feasts of the LORD

This page contains the dates for the Feasts of the LORD based on the Biblical Hebrew Calendar (Creator’s calendar), a calendar that, like the biblical feast days, is different than what the rest of the world observes.

As such, the Biblical Hebrew Calendar (Creator’s calendar) gives us the true, biblical answer to the question, “When are the Biblical Holy Days?”

Through careful study and reinstated practice of ancient timekeeping, along with the help of modern technology from the likes of NASA, the Biblical Hebrew Calendar (not ancient Jewish calendar) has emerged as the most accurate calendar for observing time and the Feasts of the LORD in the way that the Almighty originally intended in the Garden of Eden.

The date of the following events will depend on the new moon sighting at the beginning of the month.

michael rood feast dates 2022

March 6-7, 2023


Sundown March 6 to sundown March 7, 2023

Non-commanded biblical festival.

April 5, 2023

Pesach (Passover)​

The day Messiah was crucified on the afternoon of Aviv 14.

michael rood calendar 2022
rood awakening feast dates 2022

April 5-6, 2023

Chag HaMatzot - 1st Day

Sundown April 5 to sundown April 6, 2023

1st day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

Miqra Qodesh (High Sabbath).

April 11-12, 2023

Chag HaMatzot - 7th Day

Sundown April 11 to sundown April 12, 2023

7th day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

Miqra Qodesh (High Sabbath).

rood awakening feast dates 2022
a rood awakening feast dates

April 9, 2023

Yom HaNafat HaOmer

Day of barley wave sheaf offering

Omer Reshit Ketzir-chem, sheaf of the first of your harvest.

When Messiah presented the “first fruits” to the Almighty.

May 27-28, 2023

Chag HaShavuot​

Feast of Weeks

Sundown May 27 to sundown May 28, 2023

Yom HaBikkurim (Day of wheat bread offering).

When Messiah baptized his disciples with fire (Pentecost).

Miqra Qodesh (High Sabbath).

shavuot generic 2

September 27-28, 2022

Yom Teruah

Day of Trumpets

Sundown September 27 to sundown September 28, 2022

Miqra Qodesh (High Sabbath).

October 6-7, 2022

Yom HaKippurim

Day of Atonements

Sundown October 6 to sundown October 7, 2022

Miqra Qodesh (High Sabbath).

sukkot generic

October 11-12, 2022

Chag HaSukkot

1st day of the Feast of Booths, Tabernacles

Sundown October 11 to sundown October 12, 2022

Miqra Qodesh (High Sabbath)

October 18-19, 2022

Sh'mini Atzeret

Eighth Day, Last Great Day

Sundown October 18 to sundown October 19, 2022

Miqra Qodesh (High Sabbath).

Shmini Atzeret generic

December 19-27, 2022


Sundown December 19 to sundown December 27, 2022

Non-commanded biblical festival.

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