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We Hear You!

After explaining all the benefits of having emergency communications know-how on Shabbat Night LIVE, Tedd Clayton’s email has BLOWN UP! So many of you have requested information on how to get your HAM radio license! So, we decided that a quick how-to video would be the best way to explain it. All the links to all the stuff you’ll need are found in the description below the video on YouTube. WATCH NOW and get started on a fun hobby that could save your life… when the brimstone hits the fan!

Ham Radio General License Class

Whether it’s extreme weather, political unrest, or the Book of Revelation coming to pass, disasters can take out communications — including your cell phone! How will you communicate with loved ones if cell towers and even electricity are unavailable? 

Tedd Clayton and Don Goodrich are teaching a FREE HAM Radio General License Class that will prepare you to pass the Ham Radio General License test so that you can have a reliable means of communication when the brimstone hits the fan!