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We’ve got big plans, but we need your input!

Dear Torah Fan,

If you saw Michael Rood’s message for Independence Day, you saw that he is doing GREAT — please keep praying for his recovery! As such, we are making some big plans for the near future and we want you to be a part of it… after all, this is YOUR ministry!

In short, our efforts are fruitless without you — your participation in both watching and financially supporting these efforts is the most essential piece of the puzzle.

So, today we are inviting you to partner with us in a special way. Your donation of $100.00 or more will greatly help us meet our financial needs and pursue our goals with renewed vigor. With your support, we can:

    1. Bring you new teachings from new teachers that will help you bring the truth of Yeshua to people (from people) you’ve never considered!
    2. Expand outreach through new technology that is currently exploding Michael Rood’s popularity on video and social media platforms we never thought possible.
    3. Re-purpose and renew Michael Rood’s most important teachings by converting video teachings into book format, creating an audiobook version of The Chronological Gospels Bible, and many more exciting and innovative projects!

Join hands with us to impact lives, restore truth, and strengthen the body of believers — prayerfully consider a donation of $100 (or an amount of your choosing):

  • PHONE: 888.766.3610

If you have questions or need more information, please reach out. We’re excited to connect with you and share the impact of your generosity.

Your support — in your prayers, your viewership, and your finances — is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to achieving more together!

May you be abundantly blessed as you seek the truth of the Most High.

In His Service,

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Tedd Clayton
Chief Executive Officer
A Rood Awakening! International

Law and Grace

While the Torah was given through Moses, grace and truth came through Yeshua. John 1:17

So, let’s ask ourselves: If grace and truth came through Yeshua, are today’s believers under the law (Torah)? And what does it mean to live under grace and live under law? What did Yeshua say about the law? What do Paul and the other writers of the Renewed Covenant say about law and grace? These and other questions are discussed in this “Law and Grace” study.

The Shabbat

What is Shabbat? Should believers in the Messiah celebrate it? How should it be stored? What are the prohibitions on Shabbat day?

Discover with us, the bliss that is in the Scriptures when we celebrate Shabbat. Something essential on this day is to rest, which is established as a commandment.

Before indicating how Shabbat should be celebrated, the following questions must be resolved: What is Shabbat? What does Shabbat mean? And What does the word Shabbat mean?

The word Shabbat is typical of the Hebrew language, in English, it could be translated as “the day of rest.” Interestingly, this word is linked linguistically to the word Saturday, which happens repeatedly in many other languages giving testimony of what Elohim (God), Yehovah commanded from the beginning of creation, despite the confusion of tongues in Babylon cited in Genesis 11: 1-9.

The Month of the Aviv

When do we celebrate Passover? What is the importance of the new moon and ripe barley (aviv) and the Biblical reference to determine the first month of the Hebrew Calendar? Does the equinox have any relevance to the Biblical Calendar? We will be dealing with these and other questions in this special edition. To begin to understand a little more about this topic, we must ask ourselves some questions such as: What is the month of Aviv? Why is it so important? What does it mean? What happens in this first biblical month known as the month of the Aviv?

The Creator’s Diet

Does God really care what we eat? If not, then where in Scripture does it say that God changed his mind from what he said to his people in the book of Genesis? Are you thinking of Acts 10, Galatians 2, Mark 7, or maybe Colossians 2? You will be surprised and amazed to see for yourself that for over 1800 years we have read in the Scriptures things that are not there. You will be truly stunned to discover the power of tradition and how the doctrine of the “death of Jesus so we can eat it all” has survived for so long.