Why Digestion Is So Important

Many people have digestive troubles today, and that’s a concern for overall health — because proper digestion is an important key to healing.

Now, for people with a healthy digestive system, raw food is easiest for digestion. Raw foods have their own enzymes to help the food break down and metabolize. But it’s not that easy for people with irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis, or stomach issues.

In fact, many doctors will tell people in these situations that they cannot have raw food at all.

However, it’s not the raw food that’s the problem, per se. It’s the fiber. The juice is just fine, and in fact, can help the body overcome digestive issues.

Most of the nutrition in raw food is found in the juice, the fiber just holds it all together. So, a person with digestive issues can drink freshly extracted juice to help heal their condition without the fiber. Then, once healing begins, they can usually begin to include whole, raw foods that have been blended in a blender.

Why put raw food in a blender? Blended food is much easier to digest because the blender has done much of the digestion work already.

Blending breaks open the cells of the food in a much more efficient way than chewing can, which means that more nutrition is released.

Blended food can deliver as much as seven times the amount of nutrition of food chewed in its whole form.

Quite often, the very reason a person has any illness at all is that they’re not absorbing nutrients, even if a digestive-related illness has never been diagnosed.

You can have the greatest diet in the world, but if your body cannot absorb what you are eating, your great diet is not doing any good.

You have toxins in your body (as everyone does), but you don’t have the nutrient absorption to fight back, you’re not going to be able to defend yourself against sickness and disease.

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