What Your Eyes Say About Your Health

Did you know that when a natural, unprocessed food comes into contact with your taste buds, your body knows exactly what to do with it?

Your taste buds can actually recognize unprocessed food and according to what food it is, your body will automatically secrete a special combination of digestive fluids that are best adapted to digest the specific food your taste buds are detecting!

On the other hand, processing changes the flavor of natural food; and, as a result, taste buds do NOT recognize the food. That sends a misguided message to the body and leads to a dysfunction in digestive fluid secretion, which is not ideal for nutrient absorption nor gut health.

This may seem like revolutionary science, but the connection between natural food, nutrient absorption, and gut health is not a new understanding.

Thousands of years ago, Hippocrates (known as the father of medicine and from whose name we get “The Hippocratic Oath”) stated, “All disease begins in the gut.”

Even in his day, he recognized the importance of gut health; and indeed, gut health affects overall health.

A visual example of this concept is an eye chart used in the natural health practice of iridology. Iridology examines the iris of the eye as a health map of the entire body. That map resembles the hub and spokes of a bicycle wheel — the hub being the pupil and the spokes being the iris, the colored part of the eye.

Each section of your iris represents a particular part of your body, much like the nerve endings in the sole of the foot correspond to parts of the body in the practice of reflexology.

Discolorations in a particular part of the iris indicate disharmony in the corresponding part of the body.

For example, a dark spot in the lower left quadrant of the left eye indicates trauma or less-than-optimal function in the person’s left kidney. Likewise, every other part of the body occupies a small space in the spokes of the iridology map.

There is one part of the body that affects the function of all others: The gut.

On the iridology map, the gut is wrapped around the entire pupil, meaning that gut health affects all other “spokes” stemming from it. In other words, the health of your gut determines the health of every other part of your body.

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