What The Bible REALLY Says, Episode 1

EPISODE 1 of 4: Twisted Doctrine

This week (October 13) on Shabbat Night Live, believers are about to face the most challenging test in history — and many are going to fail. Twisted doctrines have been woven into the fabric of our faith for centuries, rendering us unprepared for what’s coming!

Joel Richardson takes the blinders off to help us understand where we’ve gone wrong and what we need to prepare for what’s next.

Watch the episode — included in this blog post.

While you watch, consider the questions below. The timeline for each discussion topic in the video is noted on each question. Post your answers in the comments section, and let’s get some discussion going!

  1. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 16:02) What is the main reason that Joel Richardson gives for challenging the doctrine of the pre-tribulation rapture?
  2. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 18:18) What historical evidence does Joel Richardson cite to support his claim that the early church fathers did not believe in the pre-tribulation rapture?
  3. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 18:57) What is the term that Joel Richardson uses to describe the information revolution that allowed people to study the scriptures more freely?
  4. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 19:15) What is the name of the group that John Nelson Darby and his disciples belonged to in the 1800s?
  5. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 19:25) What is the name of the reference Bible that Schofield wrote to promote the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine?
  6. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 22:09) What is the analogy that Joel Richardson uses to compare the great tribulation to a university course?
  7. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 23:20) What is the name of the doctrine that teaches that the church has replaced Israel in God’s plan?
  8. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 25:12) What is the name of the discourse where Yeshua warns about deception and falling away in the end times?
  9. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 25:34) What are the two doctrines that Joel Richardson calls demonic lies that have deceived the modern church?
  10. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 25:57) What is the name of the apostle who tells believers to test themselves to see whether they are in the faith?

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