Celebrating Verna Beth “Mama” Rood

Michael Rood’s mother, Verna Beth “Mama” Rood, completed her earthly race on Wednesday, February 24, 2021 at 9:15pm. We call her “Mama” because she was a mother to not only Michael Rood, but everyone here at A Rood Awakening! International.

Verna Beth’s mission was to love everyone she encountered. She poured out hugs and smiles to brighten everyone’s day and freely gave sage advice — not to mention, she wasn’t afraid to offer motherly correction when needed, LOL!

That’s why we loved her so much. Many of us here at A Rood Awakening! International have come from across the country or across the globe to help bring Michael’s message to the world. In many cases, our mothers are far away or no longer with us. Verna Beth filled the gap and brought some much-needed “Mama” into our lives.

Several years ago, we experimented with providing lunches to the staff to help aid workday efficiency, and Verna Beth became our “executive chef.” Joking that it was her first real job, she prepared delicious, homemade meals for 25+ staff members every single day — in her 70s! She was very serious about caring for everyone’s nutritional needs.

Verna Beth was equally serious about rules. After hours one day, Michael Rood’s daughter, Sara, came in to drop off a package at the ministry. When she opened the door, the security alarm went off; suddenly Sara realized she didn’t have a code to cancel it. With the alarm screeching and the security company threatening to dispatch police, Sara quickly called “Grandma” (Verna Beth) to use her code. Verna Beth answered the call but said she unable to accommodate Sara’s request. Perplexed, Sara asked Verna Beth if it was because she couldn’t remember the code, to which Verna Beth replied, “No, I remember my code. But I was told by the HR department that I was never supposed to tell my code to anyone — so I can’t give it to you!”

As funny and endearing as it was, it confirmed the truth everyone loved about Verna Beth: No one messes with Mama Rood!

Verna Beth leaves a large and wonderful family to celebrate her life including children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. We especially want to think of Michael right now. In addition to fighting his stroke recovery battle, this self-described “Mama’s boy” is now mourning the loss of his mother, whom he loved very, very much.

Please comment below to leave a prayer of strength and comfort, an encouraging note for Michael, or even a funny story about Verna Beth if you knew her. Thank you!

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