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Michael Rood is an author, historian, teacher, broadcaster, and life-long student of the Bible. Famous for his no-nonsense teaching style, Michael Rood reveals the beauty and simplicity of the Gospel, while exposing Christian traditions and fairytales that prevent believers from realizing their true calling. If you’ve been desperate for “something more,” be prepared to learn the answers that will change your life.

REPORT ON CHINA: Your Donations At Work

In China, I presented “The Gospel of the Kingdom”, a presentation that took 13 hours each of 3 times that I gave it (including line-by-line translation courtesy of Paul Hsieh of Kingdom for Jesus). It was so electrifying to the audience there because they had never heard the TRUE Gospel.
Not to mention, it’s not taught in American Christianity, either!
In churches today, we’re told “sweet baby Jesus” stories, but nobody is teaching what
Yeshua taught!
I realized as I was teaching this in China, that America needs “The Gospel of the Kingdom” presentation, too!
As you know, I‘ve been going to churches in my local area, recently. I’ve been going to Sunday School classes, men’s Bible studies and all. What I’ve discovered is that the true understanding of Yeshua’s ministry and what the Gospel of the Kingdom is all about is simply gone! People here in America don’t even know what the “gospel” really is when they speak of it.
So, I am on a mission to take what I presented in China and present it here in America. Then, once it’s completed in English, we can do it in Spanish, and any other language. I’m determined to do it because it’s WORTH IT! And something that’s worth it means it’s not free.
It takes funds to do these types of things. It took funds to develop this and present it in China — and YOU made that happen! You helped to change hundreds of lives.
In fact, there were literally hundreds of people lined up at a book signing we had for the new, Chinese version of “The Mystery of Iniquity”, a book I wrote many years ago in English. I signed more books in that one session than I ever did for the English version!
There’s a real revival at stake, and it’s our job to facilitate it… because WE in America have the means to do it. In America, we have such abundance, but it’s not for us to keep. It’s intended to be used for the Kingdom.
We in America are to be the financiers of these missions. That’s why we have the abundance in this country. As you step out in obedience with your finances, YeHoVaH will keep on multiplying it so that you can do even more. That’s the way the biblical economy works.
I want to thank you for standing with us to help us get this message out. Your reward is building in an account for eternity — keep building it! Stand with us… THANK YOU!
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How To Be An Ambassador

Every year at A Rood Awakening International, we produce hundreds of hours of video. Our teachings cover the basics of the Bible, the deep, complexities of scripture, and everything in between. After our programs have aired on various networks, they are then posted to sites like YouTube, free of charge, for the world to watch.

This is only possible because of the people who have stepped up and joined our Ambassador Club.

The Ambassador Club is made up of people who commit to give $100 each month. This faithful giving every month allows us to fulfill our commitment to our broadcasters. It allows us to reach the world, because we know the costs for putting quality programming on the air will be covered. All additional costs are covered by those who feel led to give a one-time donation to the ministry.

Several years ago, I was a speaker at The Prophecy Club. Everyone who came to the event gave $7 to attend. At the end of the event, everyone gave again as they were led. Now, you don’t have to travel to an event like that to come see us. We choose to put our teachings on the internet so you can access them freely.

We come into your home every week, rather than you coming to us — but, just like those folks gave $7 to attend The Prophecy Club, if everyone gave $7 each time, they tuned in to the YouTube channel, our needs would be met.

Joining the Ambassador Club is a great way to ensure that this ministry’s needs are being met.

Your $100 donation every month through The Ambassador Club keeps us on the air on current networks and allows us to plan for more. If you make at least $1,000 a month, a $100 donation is a tithe, and that tithe could make a significant difference in someone’s life.

Today, we’re asking you to make a commitment. Commit a modest $100 a month to the Kingdom. Your reward is on the sea of fire and glass.

Thank you for helping us help you, to help the world.

Your donations keep Michael Rood on the air!
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Last Chance to Save Tax

More than 17 years ago, I began putting our teaching videos up on the internet, free of charge. It cost us a great deal at that time, which was before YouTube came on the scene. YouTube has been a great asset in getting the message out to the world — but we did it differently than most.

Most ministries “monetize” their videos, which means they allow advertisements to play before, during, and after the video; this creates a financial kickback to the ministries to help pay for their production costs, etc. YouTube has encouraged us many times to monetize our videos in this way, but we have refused.

We have refused for reasons of integrity. We refuse to interrupt any of our programs with commercial messages from outside sources because those sources may have products or services that may not line up with what you expect from A Rood Awakening! International.

Most importantly of all, we want to get the Gospel of the Kingdom that Yeshua taught straight to you without distractions. Of course, we’d appreciate “likes” and “shares” but it’s not our primary concern. Our concern is to give you these teachings free of charge online.

We do it the way the Almighty said. We are freely giving, we are asking you to freely give in return.

This time, coming up to the end of the year, we have so many teachings we want to give to you, but we can’t do it without you. In fact, there are things that are waiting in the wings that, honestly, we just can’t do because of financial restraint.

We have more seasons of The Chronological Gospels series that are set to go, but we can’t produce them. Why? Because the finances are simply not there yet.

We have so many people, so many of our executive producers that are stepping up with $5,000, with $10,000, some of them with $20,000 donations to help fund this. But every gift counts! Any gift is appreciated and gets you involved with this ministry.

If you’ve been thinking about it, do it now, before the end of the year. Instead of giving your money away to the government, you can help to get the gospel of the kingdom out to the world.

I’m asking you to postmark your gift before December 31st. Thank you for standing with us.

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Time Is Running Out

This ministry runs very close to the edge of the cliff. The funds that come in are immediately turned around to produce teachings that are sent out to the world, free of charge. Many of these teachings are broadcast on satellite networks, whose airtime is very expensive.

Why do we spend the money instead of just posting these teachings online?

Because most of the world does not have high speed internet like you do. And yet, Yeshua has commissioned us to get the Gospel of the Kingdom — the Gospel that he taught — out to the world, a majority of whom have much greater access to satellite than they do to high speed internet.

This is a burden that we willingly accept here at A Rood Awakening! International. If you are blessed by this ministry, we ask that you step up and help us at this time.

We are now the end of the year and your tax-deductible donations are needed to support our broadcast commitments for 2019. You can give the money to Uncle Sam or your favorite political party if you think they have what it takes to save the world — but you can reap the same tax benefit if you support what we do.

Your tax-deductible donations to A Rood Awakening! International allow us to continue doing what we have promised, to continue educating the public, to continue ending biblical illiteracy and biblical ignorance, even if it’s just one person at a time.

If you want to take a leading role in this effort, we ask you to make your BEST donation before December 31, 2018. Take advantage of the tax laws we have in the United States of America, where we can give to a ministry to propagate the truth in our nation, instead of sending that money to the government.

We are a nation based on God-given rights and God-given responsibilities. Some of those rights we enjoy like no other nation does — and those God-given responsibilities are to freely give as we have freely received.

Thank you for joining us, for standing with us as you freely give to this ministry.

Your donations keep Michael Rood on the air!
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You Can Change Lives – For Generations

In Season One of The Chronological Gospels, I spent 13 episodes taking you from the comfort of home to the land of Israel. We visited archeological sites all over the holy land. Then, I showed you how the Gospels should fit together in chronological order. I would not have been able to write or teach any of this, had I not lived in Israel for 20 years and in the Galilee for 14.

Looking back on that production, what it took to make Season One happen was the group of people who stepped up to be Executive Producers. They would only be names if I listed them, but to me they are people who stood with me for decades. They commited $5,000 or $10,000 or more, because it costs a lot of money to take a film crew to the land of Israel and produce 13 episodes.

To be an Executive Producer of The Chronological Gospels is a special opportunity. When someone asks you what you do for a living, you may be one thing by trade, but you are an Executive Producer for The Chronological Gospels, and that is a real honor. You have done something that will change people’s lives for eternity.

I’m so thankful that, someday, on the sea of fire and glass, we’ll meet a multitude of people whose lives have been changed for eternity because you freely gave, making it possible for the Gospel to reach them.

So, I’m asking you to stand with me. Become an executive producer. We have another two seasons waiting in the wings, waiting for Executive Producers like you to make it happen. We are ready to send another life-saving message to the world, to give all we have to give, but we need your help.

Please consider becoming an Executive Producer for The Chronological Gospels: Season 3 The Sign of Jonah.

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Own a Piece of History

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NEVER FORGET: Pearl Harbor Day

President Roosevelt said, “December 7, 1941 is the day that will live in infamy.” It was on that day that the Japanese people, under the direction of the divine emperor Hirohito, attacked the United States of the America.

The Japanese destroyed most of the Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor and hundreds of soldiers were lost. That event drew most of Michael Rood’s uncles in the war that would cost some of them their lives, and all of them paid a dear price.

It is the words of John Adams that are again brought to mind at this time. He said, “I am well aware of the toil and the tears and the grief and the bloodshed that it will cost to maintain this declaration. That we, the United Sovereign Citizens of the 13 States of America hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created equal in that that they are endowed by their Creator with certain, absolute inalienable rights.”

These are rights that no king, no priest, no pope, no divine emperor has the right to alienate from the people. It is our absolute, biblical recognized right and responsibility to take care of our nation — to take care of our people and to live free, united under God.

It is on this day, which we now call Pearl Harbor Day, that we remember the sacrifice that was made. We remember the toil and the tears that were shed. We remember everything that was done to win that war, things that had to be done; it was a righteous and noble cause before the Almighty.

We recognize that we still live in a country that is based on Creator-given rights. When a government becomes destructive to these rights, the people must stand up and do what is right. They must elect government leaders that will protect these rights and ensure that the rights are protected for all posterity. So be thankful. Be thankful to the Almighty that we are free in the United States of America because others paid the price.

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Make an Impact

In Season One of The Chronological Gospels, take you through the land of Israel and I lay out Yeshua’s life and ministry in the culture, in the context and relating to the language and what was going on at the time to make the Gospels understandable.

In Season Two of The Chronological Gospels, “The Revelation”, I take you into the only book Yeshua actually wrote himself, the Book of The Revelation.

And now I want to bless you with Season Three of The Chronological Gospels. In Season Three, we will take you into the most repeated prophecy (and the most ignored prophecy) in all of Scripture and in all of the Christian church: Yeshua said there would be one sign, and one sign only of his authenticity, one sign that you have the real thing, that you have the true Messiah. It’s the sign of the prophet Jonah.

Because of religious tradition, we have grown up with the inability to even count to three: 3 days and 3 nights. But we can’t do it because we inherited a calendar that’s based on sun god worship instead of the biblical calendar. We have inherited pagan sun god worship rituals out of Babylon through Constantinian Christianity, and all these things need to be cleaned up.

The prophet Jeremiah said that, in the last days, that the gentiles would come unto Israel from the ends of the earth when Israel enters back into their land and they would cry out in repentance for the abominations they inherited. And when they cry out in repentance, even the gentiles will know his name.

We are going to go into the sign of Jonah. This is the message that has changed so many people’s lives around the world, and I need you to stand with me. I need Executive Producers. I need those who will give at least $5000 for each episode for this to take place. And we need multiple donors for each episode.

Be an executive producer. Stand with us. The sign of Jonah is the one sign, and it’s the one sign the entire Christian world can’t get right. Help me help the world to get it right with the sign of Jonah.

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Every Donation Counts

As you are well aware, television costs a lot of money. A typical show on broadcast television costs $1 million per episode. Of course, at A Rood Awakening! International, we are able to do it on far less than that — but it still takes a large sum of money.

I just returned from a road trip in which I taught at 5 of our Aviv Fellowships. So many times, at these home get-togethers, I had children come up to me with a donation they had been saving up to give to the ministry. Sometimes $10, $5 or some other small amount. (In fact, we get envelopes from adults, too, that send in $2 faithfully every month, because it’s all they have to give.)

When these children give me their carefully saved donation, I keep it in my desk drawer and I have their name on it. I still have dollar bills from small kids who are now teenagers. I don’t spend that money because it reminds me that every dollar counts, every cent counts. When I see this sacrifice of theirs, no matter how little, I consider it a very precious thing.

Every donation YOU give is precious, too. Your donation is a spiritual sacrifice that goes on an altar before the throne of the Almighty himself. When you decide to give of your increase, to sacrifice a portion of what he has given you, you are putting it on the altar to him and you are asking him to accept it as a gift.

It’s not the dollar amount of the gift, it’s the sacrifice. It’s the fact that you have said to the Almighty, “this is yours, do with it what you want.” When we receive a sacrifice like that at A Rood Awakening! International, we treat it with respect because it is a gift given to the Almighty.

As you have freely received from the broadcast teachings of this ministry, we are asking you to give back, in any amount. We are doing the best we can with what we have, and we will continue to do the best we can with everything you give.

Your donations keep Michael Rood on the air!
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Why We Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving… or is that Happy “Squanto” Day? Squanto, a first nations American Indian did not start out “happy.” Squanto was taken captive and sent to England as a slave; he eventually became a believer because his master was a Christian.

Squanto came back to the United States (before it was named as such), when the separatist pilgrims had landed. The pilgrims were praying to Almighty God to help them survive. It was then that Squanto came to their aid, speaking English he had learned overseas, and rescued them from certain disaster.

This is why we celebrate Thanksgiving Day. It is a day of thanksgiving to God.

At this time, we ask you to join us in thanking YeHoVaH, to God Almighty, for what he has allowed us to do in this nation. We are the nation that is reaching out to the world with the message of our Messiah, Yeshua.

We have been endowed with such prosperity in this country and empowered with laws that enable us to benefit at tax time by giving to ministry. We are asking you at this time, before the end of the year, to give to A Rood Awakening! International.

The Almighty has equipped us to bring the gospel of the Kingdom, the very gospel that changed Squanto’s life, to the world. That gospel is changing people’s lives in every nation, in every culture, in so many languages.

But we need your help to continue on with this message.

If you have been blessed by this ministry, we ask you to remember us, and to give bountifully at this time. We need this, not for our own sakes, but because we need to get the message out to the world.

Join us before December 31st. Write that check. If we’ve been a blessing to you, then thank YeHoVaH. Thank God Almighty, and this Thanksgiving, remember A Rood Awakening.

THANK YOU – Your donations keep Michael Rood on the air!
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