Week 8: Time to Prepare!

As the feast nears, it’s time to get serious about preparation! Make sure you have your meal all planned out and your grocery list made. Don’t forget to be mindful while you shop — don’t accidentally throw that box of crackers you usually buy into your cart!
Now is a good time to plan out your centerpiece for the seder as well. Some haggadahs (Passover “playbooks”) have recommendations for centerpieces that can play a role in the service during dinner, but otherwise, something pretty with flowers, lambs or candles will do nicely.
If you are having guests over for the big meal, finalize the guest list now. Plan out the seating arrangements and break out the fine china and cloth napkins.
After all that work, sit down to a movie night. “The 10 Commandments” and “Messiah: Prophecy Fulfilled” are great ones this time of year!

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