The Parable of The Talents, Ep 2

EPISODE 2: Is The Economy Going To Fail?

This week (December 8) on Shabbat Night Live, is our economy about to fail? Is that even possible?

Josh Tolley provides a much-needed reality check and a proper explanation of terms that can help believers both protect their assets and prepare for the next phase of the system we all rely upon to live our daily lives.

Watch the episode — included in this blog post.

While you watch, consider the questions below. The timeline for each discussion topic in the video is noted on each question. Post your answers in the comments section and let’s get some discussion going!

  1. (VIDEO TIMELINE – 18:36) What is the difference between the economy and the system that operates within it?
  2. (VIDEO TIMELINE – 23:07) How does Scott describe the way his son and his friends spend their Friday nights?
  3. (VIDEO TIMELINE – 23:42) What is the term Josh uses to describe where people go and gather, besides their home and work?
  4. (VIDEO TIMELINE – 24:38) What philosophical movement does Josh mention as an example of an idea that started in the third place?
  5. (VIDEO TIMELINE – 24:51) How does shopping locally benefit the community?
  6. (VIDEO TIMELINE – 24:51) How does Josh explain the difference between vanity shopping and grocery shopping at the farmer’s market?
  7. (VIDEO TIMELINE – 26:24) Why does Scott prefer to buy grass-fed beef from a local farmer?
  8. (VIDEO TIMELINE – 27:31) How does ordering from Amazon affect the environment?
  9. (VIDEO TIMELINE – 28:36) What are some of the hidden costs of ordering fast food online?
  10. (VIDEO TIMELINE – 29:25) What is the difference between wealth creation and wealth storage?

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