Michael Rood’s Stroke and Recovery

We know that you pray for Michael Rood every day and now he needs your prayers more than ever. A few weeks ago, Michael had a stroke. He has been in the hospital and rehab, but now he is home with his wife Analil and is making remarkable progress toward a full recovery.

Michael and the entire “Rood Crew” would like to say thank you for all the support you have shown him. He feels each and every prayer you have sent to the Father on his behalf.

Just before the stroke, Michael was in the studio taping programs and love gift teachings and he wanted me to let you know that there are plenty of teachings to air while he is recovering. We also have several ministry friends who will be filling in, such as Bill Cloud, Kevin Fisher, Miles Jones, Nehemia Gordon, and our very own Scott Laird and David Robinson.

Finally, Michael wants you to know how much he loves each and every one of you. If you are asking yourself, “What can I do to help?” the biggest thing you can do right now is continue to pray for strength, wisdom and a complete recovery — and to continue to support the ministry with you prayers and financial support.

We need you to stand with us now more than ever during these prophetic days we are living in. Michael has many messages yet to share and will be continuing to spread the truth, with your help.

Another thing you can do, if Michael has made a difference in your life, is to get out your phone and send Michael a video message, wishing him a quick and speedy recovery. Or if you prefer, please jot down a short email message to him, speaking from your heart and wishing him well. These messages will go a long way to help speed his recovery and show him the love you feel for him. You can send your videos or emails to bestwishes@michaelrood.tv

From all of us here at The Rood Crew, we wish you the peace and happiness of our Father and thank you again for all you do to help Michael and the ministry continue to spread the gospel, like the waters cover the sea.

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