Week 4: Has Passover Been Fulfilled?

The Spring Feasts of the LORD, including Passover, have been fulfilled in the Messiah.
The first Passover took place back in Egypt on the night of the 10th plague. All the firstborn were to die unless their house bore the sign of a lamb’s blood on the doorposts. The lamb was to be male and perfect, without flaw. The night of the plague, all houses with the lamb’s blood were passed over, and no one inside died.
The people were saved by the blood of the lamb.
In the desert after fleeing Egypt, the people entered into a blood covenant with the Almighty. If broken, the covenant requires the death of the guilty party. We broke that covenant out there in the desert and incurred the death sentence upon ourselves.
The sacrifice of the Passover lamb every year was a demonstration of both our guilt and the price owed and also a picture of a substitute dying in our place. Every year the lamb died when we were the ones that deserved death.
When Yeshua came, he came as the Lamb of God – the ultimate Passover Lamb.
The rehearsal of the lamb sacrifice every year was made full and complete when the Messiah was nailed to the cross and sacrificed in our stead. We were guilty, but he was guiltless. He was perfect, without flaw. Because of this, he was the only one who could renew the covenant with the Almighty.
He paid the death penalty for us so that we could once again be in covenant with YeHoVaH, and we could have eternal life. We have been saved by the blood of the Lamb.

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