Grin and Bear It, Episode 4

FINAL EPISODE: In Case of Emergency

This week (March 8) on Shabbat Night Live, the zombie apocalypse may never come, but you’ll probably drive by a traffic accident or two in your lifetime — and Bear can show you how to help!

Armed with common sense equipment and smart advice, Bear Independent shows you what to do in case of an emergency and where to get training to learn more!

Watch the episode — included on this blog post.

While you watch, consider the questions below. The timeline for each discussion topic in the video is noted on each question. Post your answers in the comments section and let’s get some discussion going!

  1. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 15:29) What inspired TJ to start Refuge Medical and Refuge Training, and how did he develop his first aid kit?
  2. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 17:47) How did TJ’s journey evolve from making a few tweaks to now having his kits used across various branches of the US Armed Forces and saving lives globally?
  3. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 22:10) What inspired TJ to start refuge training and conduct classes across North America?
  4. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 26:08) How does scenario-based training, such as simulating motor vehicle accidents or mass casualty events, help individuals prepare for real-life emergencies?
  5. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 31:21) How does the concept of falling to your level of training rather than rising to your level of expectation apply to emergency preparedness and trauma first aid?
  6. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 32:00) How important is it for individuals to be prepared for medical emergencies, especially when it comes to administering life-saving interventions like tourniquets?
  7. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 42:06) How important is it to have a well-equipped trauma medicine kit in different scenarios, and what are the key components that should be included in such a kit?
  8. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 43:29) How can a Sharpie be helpful in medical emergencies?
  9. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 48:49) What are the key components and techniques involved in properly packing a wound to control bleeding effectively?
  10. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 53:25) What are the two main reasons for the transition from using quick clot powder to impregnated gauze in medical kits?

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