Patterns In The Bible, Episode 2

EPISODE 2 of 4: The Pattern of Shabbat

This week (August 11) on Shabbat Night Live, if YeHoVaH is all-powerful, why did he need to rest? What do we do with this concept of Shabbat, and how does it permeate through the Scriptures?

Pastor Matthew Vander Els takes us on a journey to explain the pattern of freedom and liberty in the Shabbat and why it is so important to the Almighty. 

Watch the episode — included in this blog post.

While you watch, consider the questions below. The timeline for each discussion topic in the video is noted on each question. Post your answers in the comments section, and let’s get some discussion going!

  1. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 17:59) Why is the Shabbat not capped with evening and morning like the other days of creation?
  2. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 21:28) What is the meaning of the words Shabbat and nuach in Hebrew?
  3. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 25:04) What is the meaning of Noah’s name, and how does it connect to the Sabbath and the flood story?
  4. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 27:04) How does the Year of Jubilee reflect God’s intention to restore the garden-like state of creation?
  5. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 29:42) How does the Sabbath in Deuteronomy differ from the Sabbath in Exodus in terms of the reason and the scope?
  6. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 39:32) What is the significance of Yeshua’s prayer in John 10 for the unity of his followers with God?
  7. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 40:20) How does Psalm 95 connect the idea of God’s rest with the land and the garden?
  8. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 43:14) How does Leviticus 26 describe the consequences of breaking the Sabbath and rejecting God’s rest?
  9. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 46:51) How does Isaiah 56 contrast the hypocrisy of the Judeans with the true delight of the Sabbath?
  10. (VIDEO TIMELINE: 53:05) How does Isaiah 61 describe the role and mission of the Messiah in relation to the Sabbath and the Jubilee?

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