Meat, Eggs, Dairy, and Cancer Risk

For many reasons, the gut is indeed the command center for human health. It is a fascinating warzone, a seesaw balancing act between good bacteria and pathogenic bacteria.

Many factors in today’s world can lead to bacteria imbalance, which is why supplemental probiotics have become so popular. Probiotics help to maintain a proper balance of good bacteria and pathogenic bacteria. This helps the body to absorb nutrients and to heal itself of disease.

One of the more eyebrow-raising gut bacteria discoveries in recent years is the role that animal-based foods play when it comes to cancer risk. The surprising thing about this discovery is that cancer risk does not come directly from the animal-based food itself (or even the fat of said foods).

The problem arises in the process by which the human body digests these foods. When the human body’s intestinal bacteria digest red meat, eggs, and dairy, the liver responds by producing a substance called trimethylamine-N-oxide (or TMAO for short).

High levels of TMAO in a person’s blood are now considered to be the “smoking gun” for colon cancer risk.

In fact, a recent, five-year study showed that women with the highest level of TMAO in their blood plasma had the highest risk for rectal cancer — up to 340% greater risk than women with the lowest TMAO levels!

Remember, this has NOTHING to do with genetics. It’s all about cancer risk from eating red meat, eggs, and dairy.

What if you cut out red meat and dairy as many people are doing nowadays? Are eggs really that bad?

Well, another study, which focused solely on egg consumption, found that colon cancer wasn’t the only concern. It found that elevated TMAO levels from eating 5 eggs or more per week is associated with a “modestly elevated risk of breast cancer, and a positive association between egg intake and ovarian and fatal prostate cancers cannot be ruled out.”

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