Meat, Eggs, Dairy, and Cancer Risk

For many reasons, the gut is indeed the command center for human health. It is a fascinating warzone, a seesaw balancing act between good bacteria and pathogenic bacteria.

Many factors in today’s world can lead to bacteria imbalance, which is why supplemental probiotics have become so popular. Probiotics help to maintain a proper balance of good bacteria and pathogenic bacteria. This helps the body to absorb nutrients and to heal itself of disease.

One of the more eyebrow-raising gut bacteria discoveries in recent years is the role that animal-based foods play when it comes to cancer risk. The surprising thing about this discovery is that cancer risk does not come directly from the animal-based food itself (or even the fat of said foods).

The problem arises in the process by which the human body digests these foods. When the human body’s intestinal bacteria digest red meat, eggs, and dairy, the liver responds by producing a substance called trimethylamine-N-oxide (or TMAO for short).

High levels of TMAO in a person’s blood are now considered to be the “smoking gun” for colon cancer risk.

In fact, a recent, five-year study showed that women with the highest level of TMAO in their blood plasma had the highest risk for rectal cancer — up to 340% greater risk than women with the lowest TMAO levels!

Remember, this has NOTHING to do with genetics. It’s all about cancer risk from eating red meat, eggs, and dairy.

What if you cut out red meat and dairy as many people are doing nowadays? Are eggs really that bad?

Well, another study, which focused solely on egg consumption, found that colon cancer wasn’t the only concern. It found that elevated TMAO levels from eating 5 eggs or more per week is associated with a “modestly elevated risk of breast cancer, and a positive association between egg intake and ovarian and fatal prostate cancers cannot be ruled out.”

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What Your Eyes Say About Your Health

Did you know that when a natural, unprocessed food comes into contact with your taste buds, your body knows exactly what to do with it?

Your taste buds can actually recognize unprocessed food and according to what food it is, your body will automatically secrete a special combination of digestive fluids that are best adapted to digest the specific food your taste buds are detecting!

On the other hand, processing changes the flavor of natural food; and, as a result, taste buds do NOT recognize the food. That sends a misguided message to the body and leads to a dysfunction in digestive fluid secretion, which is not ideal for nutrient absorption nor gut health.

This may seem like revolutionary science, but the connection between natural food, nutrient absorption, and gut health is not a new understanding.

Thousands of years ago, Hippocrates (known as the father of medicine and from whose name we get “The Hippocratic Oath”) stated, “All disease begins in the gut.”

Even in his day, he recognized the importance of gut health; and indeed, gut health affects overall health.

A visual example of this concept is an eye chart used in the natural health practice of iridology. Iridology examines the iris of the eye as a health map of the entire body. That map resembles the hub and spokes of a bicycle wheel — the hub being the pupil and the spokes being the iris, the colored part of the eye.

Each section of your iris represents a particular part of your body, much like the nerve endings in the sole of the foot correspond to parts of the body in the practice of reflexology.

Discolorations in a particular part of the iris indicate disharmony in the corresponding part of the body.

For example, a dark spot in the lower left quadrant of the left eye indicates trauma or less-than-optimal function in the person’s left kidney. Likewise, every other part of the body occupies a small space in the spokes of the iridology map.

There is one part of the body that affects the function of all others: The gut.

On the iridology map, the gut is wrapped around the entire pupil, meaning that gut health affects all other “spokes” stemming from it. In other words, the health of your gut determines the health of every other part of your body.

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Why Digestion Is So Important

Many people have digestive troubles today, and that’s a concern for overall health — because proper digestion is an important key to healing.

Now, for people with a healthy digestive system, raw food is easiest for digestion. Raw foods have their own enzymes to help the food break down and metabolize. But it’s not that easy for people with irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis, or stomach issues.

In fact, many doctors will tell people in these situations that they cannot have raw food at all.

However, it’s not the raw food that’s the problem, per se. It’s the fiber. The juice is just fine, and in fact, can help the body overcome digestive issues.

Most of the nutrition in raw food is found in the juice, the fiber just holds it all together. So, a person with digestive issues can drink freshly extracted juice to help heal their condition without the fiber. Then, once healing begins, they can usually begin to include whole, raw foods that have been blended in a blender.

Why put raw food in a blender? Blended food is much easier to digest because the blender has done much of the digestion work already.

Blending breaks open the cells of the food in a much more efficient way than chewing can, which means that more nutrition is released.

Blended food can deliver as much as seven times the amount of nutrition of food chewed in its whole form.

Quite often, the very reason a person has any illness at all is that they’re not absorbing nutrients, even if a digestive-related illness has never been diagnosed.

You can have the greatest diet in the world, but if your body cannot absorb what you are eating, your great diet is not doing any good.

You have toxins in your body (as everyone does), but you don’t have the nutrient absorption to fight back, you’re not going to be able to defend yourself against sickness and disease.

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How To Escape Disease Statistics

A wise man once said, if you’re doing something that no one else is doing, chances are you’re doing something right.

When your diet and lifestyle are healthier than everyone else around you, you may be perceived as strange or extreme. But if you’re doing something the rest of the world is not, suddenly the world’s disease statistics don’t apply to you.

Think about it: A statistic that says that “1 in ‘x’ Americans will get stuck in an elevator in their lifetime” doesn’t apply to you if you never use an elevator.

Likewise, a statistic that claims “1 in ‘x’ Americans will develop ‘this or that’ disease” is derived from a sample of typical Americans from all walks of life who may or may not be watching their diet and lifestyle.

If you are one of the rare ones actually looking after your health and lifestyle in a way that the rest of that sample group is not, then you are not part of that statistic, and the results do not apply to you.

Those scary ‘diseases-of-affluence’ statistics will NOT apply to you.

When you decide to take care of your health in a way that seems “weird” to everyone else, you are protecting and empowering your health better than everyone else. You’re changing the game, actually, you’re taking yourself OUT of the game.

If you eat better foods than everyone else, your health will be better than everyone else because you literally ARE what you EAT.

Your cells will be more vibrant and resistant to the symptoms of disease because you are fueling them with foods that are jam-packed with life-giving force, and that gives you a health advantage.

The way your body responds to everyday lifestyle factors is significantly superior when you choose to eat a high percentage of raw, living, plant-based foods and juices because your body is properly equipped to deal with the situation instead of succumbing to disease.

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How Free Radicals Rob Your Health

If we eat when we are not really hungry, we are overeating, which causes a traffic jam in our digestive system that causes oxidative stress, which in turn causes free radicals.

Now, free radicals are not all bad. We need a certain amount of them for our bodies to work correctly. But just like anything else, too much of a good thing is NOT a good thing.

A free radical is a molecule that lacks an electron, and that makes it unstable.

In order to stabilize itself, a free radical needs to another electron, which it will rob from another molecule in your body.

As you can imagine, this causes a domino effect of damage because every time a molecule is robbed of an electron, another cell becomes damaged (i.e. oxidation). A certain amount of cellular damage is normal, but too much cellular damage leads to disease.

So, what can we do to stop a free radical?

Just as a free radical is missing an electron, ANTI-oxidants contains an extra electron.

The extra electron in the molecular structure of an antioxidant will fill the void the molecular structure of a free radical, which stabilizes it and stops it from hunting down electrons from other molecules.

And the richest source of antioxidants? You guessed it… raw fruits and vegetables.

As much as we try, we can’t stop ALL free radical production; it happens with every metabolic process in the body. It happens with exercise. It even happens with breathing and thinking.

The key is to counteract it as much as possible by ensuring that most of your diet consists of raw, living foods that have antioxidants your body needs to stop oxidation and reverse the damage.

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How and What To Juice

Whether you’re sick or well, your body replaces cells at the rate of 300 million every minute. The quality of the replacement cells depends on the quality of food you are providing to your body.

There are 3 ways this can go; you can get sicker by eating more and more poorly; you can stay the way you are by not changing your food habits; or you can get better by changing what you eat to living foods that help the body create healthier cells than the ones it is replacing.

Obviously, you want to provide better cells than the ones your body is replacing — this is how you reverse disease; and juicing is the best source of high quality nutrition your body can get to create superior cells to do it.

Now if you’re juicing a quart of vegetable juice or more every day, it can get expensive, especially if you’re trying to do everything organically. But here’s my little money-saving secret…

Most chemicals used on conventional produce are hydrophobic. That means they stick to the pulp of the fruits and vegetables, not the juice.

So don’t be afraid to juice conventional produce instead of organic; you’re getting a lot less exposure to these chemicals that you might think. However, it’s still a good idea to wash everything first.

So what about juicing fruit? Well, juicing fruit is not really a good idea. Part of the function of fiber in a whole piece of fruit is to regulate the release of the fruit’s sugar in the bloodstream. When you juice a piece of fruit, you separate the fiber from the juice, which concentrates all of the sugar from that whole piece of fruit into a small amount of juice.

Without the fiber to regulate the sugar in a piece of fruit, the sugar in fruit juice is released into your body too quickly, and that’s not conducive to healing.

Vegetables, on the other hand, are the best thing to juice to get maximum nutrients into your body with the least amount of digestive effort; and that promotes healing.

So remember this rule of thumb: eat your fruits, juice your veggies.

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The Ultimate Wellness Weapon

Nutrition — concentrated nutrition — is the key to health; this is why so many nutritional supplements have been introduced in recent years.

But raw, whole, plant-based foods are still the best because they contain a complete profile of natural compounds that work in synergy as nature intended.

Isolated nutrients developed into a supplement can help give the body a boost, but can never have the same, superior synergy that matches the human body’s complex need for nutrients found in their natural state, accompanied by all of the cofactors that make each nutrient function to their maximum God-given capacity.

Freshly extracted, raw vegetable juices are the ultimate expression of this synergy — they are the best of the best.

Juicing vegetables provides the most amount of living food nutrition with the least amount of digestive effort from your body because the juice has been separated from the fiber, enabling the body to get much more nutrition to the cellular level much quicker and with much less energy.

This allows your body to rest while arming it with the nutrients it needs to address deficiency, detoxify, and fight the symptoms of disease.

In effect, you are addressing toxicity and deficiency — the two things that cause disease — at the same time. This is why juicing is the ultimate wellness weapon.

So why is juicing better than just eating? Well, let’s take the example of a raw carrot…

Even if your digestive system is healthy, you can only assimilate a maximum of 35% of the nutrition in a carrot.

Why? Because of the effort involved. Your body first has to break down the fiber of the carrot to get at the nutrients inside the carrot’s cells — because most of the nutrition is in the cells of the juice, not the fiber. The fiber just holds everything together.

But if you use a juicer to separate the carrot’s fiber from its juice and drink only the juice, all the work of breaking down the food into liquid has already been done.

So now, instead of assimilating 35% of nutrition from a whole carrot, your body can now assimilate up to 92% of the nutrients from that same carrot by drinking the juice alone.

That means, you can get the nutrition of a pound of carrots in just 8 ounces of juice; that’s the kind of concentrated nutrition your body needs to reverse the symptoms of disease!

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Why Raw Food Matters

The most basic of biological principles on this earth is called biogenesis. And the definition of biogenesis is that life begets life. Living things provide life to other living things.

Dead things cannot provide life to living things. For example, it takes a living mother to give birth to a living baby. But most of us don’t think about this principle when it comes to what we eat.

You see, we have to remember that our bodies are living organisms; and according to biogenesis, living food is the only way to provide life to that living organism.

Now on the surface you may say that sounds ridiculous. You’ve eaten cooked food your whole life and you’re still alive. Yes, but, if the human body is starved of raw, living foods it will respond with stress.

Stress leads to inflammation, which leads to malfunctioning cells, and malfunctioning cells build up until we have symptoms of disease.

So is all cooked food bad? Of course not. But too much cooked and not enough raw, plant foods WILL put stress on your body because cooked foods have no life; no living ENZYMES to be specific.

Enzymes that help to digest your food can come from only two places, raw food and your pancreas.

Enzymes are proteins that break down food. When you eat a raw apple, for example, the living enzymes in that apple break down the apple with very little effort needed from the enzymes secreted from your pancreas. It’s living food for your living body.

Cooked foods do not have enzymes because enzymes are very temperature sensitive.

All enzymes die at 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and most cooked foods are cooked at temperatures much higher that that.

So, without any enzymes of their own, the digestion of cooked food can only happen with enzymes from YOUR pancreas. And just like wear and tear on any other part of the body, the more your body has to generate enzymes to digest food, the more stressed your body becomes. And that unnecessary stress can lead to cellular malfunction, and ultimately, serious disease.

The antidote is obvious. Get more living food into your body — raw, whole, plant-based foods.

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Should You Do A Cleanse?

Many people consider a cleanse the fastest and easiest way to fit into their favorite clothes after months or even years of dietary missteps. That’s fine, but make sure you do it right.

When people ask me if I think that they should do a colon cleanse or some other type of cleanse, I always tell them the same thing: I would not do it IF I was not willing to improve my diet and lifestyle after the cleanse was complete.

It defeats the purpose.

Without an improvement in your diet and lifestyle at the end of the process, all you’re going to do is strip away the bad, which is a good thing, but then go right back to pouring in more junk. You’re no further ahead than when you started.

Not to mention, you’re going to have to go through those same detox symptoms all over again the next time you decide to “cleanse”.

In fact, some health professionals say that a cleanse without an intentional improvement in diet and lifestyle on the other side puts one even further behind.

Once you strip away the junk, your body is in pristine condition, meaning that it can now absorb nutrients (and junk) better than ever.

If, after your cleanse, you go right back to pouring bad food into a freshly cleaned body, it’s going to be absorbed into your bloodstream even more efficiently than before, dragging you down even further (and faster).

It’s a lot like the principles the Messiah taught about following him: don’t bother if you’re not willing to change your ways.

Have you ever noticed His actions on this manner? He NEVER apologized for demanding repentance (i.e. changing one’s ways). Think about any and every story in the Bible where He was teaching and preaching — not ONCE did He chase after someone who wasn’t willing to live by His example.

If someone wasn’t willing to do what was necessary (like the rich young ruler – Luke 18:18-25), He essentially said, “That’s OK. Knock yourself out… see ya!” Why?

Because half-way NEVER cuts it — in terms of faith or good health.

If you’re a new creation, you’re a new creation, period. Not a new creation with a new supply of old habits that you have to purge all over again. That’s not the idea of accepting Messiah and walking in His ways. And it’s not the idea of a physical cleanse, either.

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Is Breakfast Cereal Healthy?

Breakfast cereals, especially ones marketed to children, often claim that the cereal contains “A good source of calcium and vitamin D.” At face value, the claim is essentially true.

Calcium and vitamin D will indeed help children grow up strong IF, that is, these nutrients are derived from plant-based, whole food sources, which contain all of the naturally-occurring co-factors present in their natural state.

Of course, in the case of refined, boxed breakfast cereal, this is not the case.

The amount of sugar and refined grains in breakfast cereal completely nullify the amount of calcium and vitamin D that may be added to it, not to mention that the calcium and vitamin D had to be artificially inserted into the cereal to make the claim.

These nutrients are “isolated” nutrients, meaning they have been extracted from their natural state and separated from countless, complementary, naturally-occurring nutrients that help it carry out its expected benefits in the human body.

Not to mention, the refined sugar in the cereal — regardless of how many “vitamins and minerals” are added:

  • suppresses the immune system
  • upsets the mineral relationships in the body
  • causes blood proteins to function less effectively
  • produces a significant rise in triglycerides
  • can contribute to juvenile delinquency and obesity
  • contributes to premature aging
  • aggravates arthritis, and
  • is associated with the development of Parkinson’s disease.

Speaking of disease, we spend all kinds of time and money on disease research and therapeutic solutions, but cutting disease out or poisoning it or, more accurately, its symptoms, into submission is not the answer.

We need to focus on examining the fuel that made the body break down in the first place and using better fuel to reverse the damage.

As we have already established, that “breakdown” called disease, no matter what form it takes, is simply malfunctioning cells.

NEXT TIME… we’ll get into the secret to keeping your cells functioning at their maximum potential.

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