What is Shavuot or Pentacost?

By Michael Rood

In the weeks following the first Passover, the Israelites traveled through the desert carrying everything they had with them. The counting of the Omer every year that starts at Firstfruits reflects this journey of the Israelites to the base of Mount Sinai. And when the count ends, we reach the final spring Feast – Shavuot.

On Shavuot we remember what happened there at the base of Mount Sinai. The Almighty, in a literal blaze atop the peak, shouted down his commandments. The power of the moment was so great that the Israelites were shaking and begged Moses not to make them endure it anymore. Moses went up and received the tablets of stone – the 10 commandments.

After Yeshua’s death and resurrection, Shavuot saw its fulfillment in the giving of the Holy Spirit. Once again, this day was filled with power, the moment itself described as a rushing mighty wind. Thousands again, witnessing the intensity of the Spirit, were left in awe. With the first Shavuot came the physical, tangible Torah, this time it was revealed through the Spirit.

Shavuot means “weeks” because we count seven weeks from the Day of Firstfruits to reach it. Shavuot is linked to the Passover week not only on the calendar but also in meaning. At Passover, we celebrate our freedom from slavery and freedom from sin through our Redeemer, the Messiah. On Shavuot, we remember our commitment to the Almighty and the gift we have of walking in the Spirit. He gives us our freedom and our purpose and strength. He unburdens and renews us and puts his Torah in our hearts so that we may walk in power and faith. He takes our sin and gives us life.

Shavuot coincides with the wheat harvest. Just as we are to be grateful for the daily bread we are provided, so are we to be thankful for the Bread of Life, Yeshua, who provides for us spiritually. This Shavuot, remember the power and intensity of the Spirit that you are gifted to live by, and walk in it with boldness. Remember that you have been both freed and given a life of meaning to live out loud. May others see the Spirit within you and be left in awe.


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