From Tina Seiler in Windhoek, Namibia:

Sending you blessings from a wonderful and blessed-with-rain-Namibia.  However, our reservoir situation is critical.  Could you please put Namibian farmers and the country as a whole on your prayer wall for various reasons?  First of all, rain for all places, especially those that are in need of rain, the critical water situation for all towns and villages around the country (heavy water restrictions everywhere) and thirdly, that Abba Father will keep our borders safe as our deceased President just put Namibia on the world map at Davos in 2023, and a number of foreign investors have been invited to tender for our raw materials.  We pray that Yah will keep investors out, that do the country harm and wish to enrich themselves…. And last but not least, we need a God-fearing new HOS to guide Namibia into the right direction (keep the door closed to abortion legislation and same-sex relationships and marriages). Practise Godly virtues.

It’s a long prayer list – I beg your pardon, but we need protection from every side.  We are due for elections in November and the interim President will take office until March ’25.

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