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After a very complex experience at age of 22 in year 1998, that result in a deep scar in my life, I was intensively moved to look for hope in Christianity.

Right after my first visit to an Adventist church in the city of the Bronx, New York, I had two mind blowing dreams for two consecutive nights. In the first night, I heard a very strong voice, no image, just a voice telling me… Isaiah 6, Isaiah 6. The next night I dreamed that everything in the sky mood and clouds was red and the same voice from the night before was sounding like thunder but I could not understand a word. While that was happening, everything around me was falling in pieces and even the ground falling to a no-end abyss.

Three months passed and I stopped visiting that church. In 2003 I started visiting a charismatic Pentecostal church; after a year in a half I stopped also, the Sabbath was hunting me like shark.

In 2006, at around 2:00pm while I was getting ready to go to work, I had the TV on and Michael was teaching “The hem of his garment”. I can’t really explain the feeling that it was listening to Michael speaking about the beauty of our Messiah with so much clarity and explosive authority, yet I just listened to the teaching for about 6-8 minutes. Both the image and the voice of Michael in that teaching followed me for years.

Another life destroying experience hit me in 2011, which turned to its worst and strongest attack by 2012, and that second risk of losing my life by my own hands. Losing my marriage caused me to start searching again for hope in religious systems and institutions called churches which result in another deception in psychiatric proportion, and that finally lead me to Michael Rood.

I started studying, not watching but studying from his teachings series online and buying from his online store. I started keeping the Sabbath and guarding the Aviv as well as all the Feasts of the LORD. I finally found my identity, the meaning of life and life eternal. Now Messiah in me is the Hope of Glory. Now thanks to Michael Rood have hope and share this hope with the world… Yeshua IS The Messiah!!! Shalom.

~ Victor, New York

“I just realized that religion is lazy or rather tired, they don’t want to think. True believers want to know the real truth, so they dig and dig to find the truth. Like the students of Berean in Acts, true believer’s study the Bible daily to see if these things are true.

Act 17: 11 – “These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.”

Pray for the true believers, around the world, the body of Messiah that wants to dig/study, to find out the truth. Have a great day, family.”

~ Ms. Lawson, Hawaii


“My journey began when we gave up Halloween. Then we gave up pork. Then I discovered the Sabbath. We saw Michael in Tempe, AZ several years ago. Then with Michael’s teachings, we have given up Christmas. I gave away our old train set and the last ornament on Saturday. Now I’m waiting to find what’s next. Thank you Michael!”

~ Martha, Arizona


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