Special Message From Tedd Clayton

Special Message From Tedd Clayton

Remember this number: 6,329

First, THANK YOU once again for supporting Michael and A Rood Awakening! International. This year has been a year of breakthroughs for the ministry. But our biggest breakthrough has been Michael’s stroke recovery progress! Every day, Michael gets stronger and more determined to be with you again. Your prayers and emails of support have been amazing this year — from all of us at the Rood Crew, we want you to know how much we appreciate you!

Because of your sacrificial giving, 2023 will be full of new programs and events! We have new and improved Shabbat Night Live programs with more great teachings from leaders like Joel Richardson, Keith Johnson, Nehemia Gordon, Mathew Vander Els, Steve Siefken, Paul Hsieh, Jake Hilton, Avi Lipkin, Miles Jones, and many others.

Plus, we are producing two new panel discussion programs that dive deep into the Bible: The Biblical View with Scott Laird, Nehemia Gordon, Lynell Gordon, Keith Johnson, myself, and possibly Michael Rood as well! Plus, I will be hosting a new video podcast program that gets deeper in the Word with guests from Shabbat Night Live and around the world.

Also in 2023, we will be hosting LIVE in-person events including Passover 2023 and Yom Teruah 2023 with a studio audience and streaming live to the world — something Michael is very excited about! Be watching our Facebook page and our website for dates and ticket information.

These are just some of the amazing things that the Almighty has laid upon our hearts to do in 2023, but we can only do these wonderful things with your help.

Time is running out for 2022

I asked you to remember a number at the beginning of this letter. In the last hour, approximately 6,329 people have lost their lives NEVER knowing the Truth of YeHoVaH, NEVER knowing the truth of The Bible, NEVER being ministered to, and NEVER knowing the shalom of the Almighty.


This letter is too important to crumple up and throw in the trash — it’s like throwing people’s lives away and giving them to the enemy. Stand with Michael and A Rood Awakening! International today and bring this lost and dying world into the light of Yeshua Messiah. You can make a difference, right now.


Your tax-deductible donation to A Rood Awakening! International can be claimed on your 2022 taxes if you submit it before midnight, December 31, 2022. Your gift will help Michael and The Rood Crew bring the Gospel of the Kingdom not only to your neighborhood but to the entire world.

You can send a check by mail using the remit envelope included with this letter or you can give online at ARoodAwakening.tv/Give. If you prefer to give by phone, call us at 888-766-3610 and speak with one of our Prayer Warriors; they are waiting for your call.

With YOU, we can bring the Gospel of the Kingdom to the World. Please… prayerfully consider your best gift to A Rood Awakening! International.

On behalf of Michael and the entire Rood Crew, I wish you peace, health, and happiness. YOU are what makes A Rood Awakening! International the shining light on the hill.

In Yeshua’s Love,

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Tedd Clayton, CEO

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