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cheryl miller

Someone I loved very much attempted to take my life by putting a loaded shotgun in my face and pulling the trigger. When I saw the red shotgun shell being pumped into the chamber prior to aiming the shotgun at my face, I did not expect to hear the sound of a crisp click. His 12 gauge shotgun never misfired shooting trap or during pheasant hunting, but it did that day. The Holy Spirit guided me out of the situation from there. I divorced him and I left the Mormon Church after that.

Getting out of the Mormon Church was not easy. I was chased, followed and ended up homeless. I lost everything but the clothes on my back. Just when I was about to give up - Yeshua carried me out of the state of Utah. I saw things coming out of that state back in 1990 that I don't understand completely, and I am not sure if what I saw and experienced should be shared at this time. However, miracles are very real. Yeshua the Messiah lives and He will return.

Received: October 3, 2020

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