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Artelle F Peters

I realize even after Yeshua healed the lepers & telling them to go to the priest & getting permission to reenter the community! Only one came back to testify & thank Yeshua for his healing for it to be sustained!! I always remembered to give THANKS & affirm His Blessing upon The healing!!!

I did share my testimony with my sister over the internet through the Messages app to reaffirm to her & for her husband that YESHUA is STILL in The Blessing Business & my prayers interpreted through The Ruach Kodesh extends to their healings w/Blessings!

I was Blessed in my claiming that My LORD would supply ALL my needs: $700 on an EBT Card(SNAP)assistance that I had applied for and did not need 4 mnths ago, Rental Assistance from the city that my landlord recommended in passing & UI that had been stalled, loaded into my bank account ALL in with the same few days period of time!!

I could NOT have orchestrated ANY of this on my BEST day w/o the HAND

Of MY GOD on my LIFE!!!

Received: September 11, 2020

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