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James Connell (Jim Yakov on Facebook)

Way back in the 1970s and 80s, Hollywood and supermarket tabloids turned Americans on to Biblical prophecy and the writings of the (so-called) prophet Nostradamus. Movies like The Omen, The Exorcist, and The Man Who Saw Tomorrow awakened an intense interest in the spirit world, and Cold War tensions had us wondering if nuclear Armageddon was almost upon us. I, myself, was a Roman Catholic youth who never heard anything in church beyond the weekly recitation “Christ Has Died, Christ Is Risen, Christ Will Come Again”. Leaving a supermarket one day, I saw on the free public bulletin board several issues of “The Plain Truth”. I eventually discovered the TV program “The World Tomorrow With Herbert W Armstrong” put out by the Worldwide Church of God. I was amazed! I then became the real oddball of my family, but eventually I settled into a sort of religious “Cold War”. I left the RCC when I was 18, never to darken the doors again except for weddings or funerals, but joined no organized group. This was to prove to be for the best. I spent the next few decades with one foot in God’d realm and the other in places where angels fear to tread, always going back and forth between trying to obey while giving in to worldly sin. Lucifer, the Evil One, ha’satan, absolutely HATES Yahovah and all humans, and he uses the same tactic every time: he finds your weaknesses and exploits them. You want to be rich? Famous? Do you feel unattractive? Been unlucky in love? Want to use others the way you felt used? Want to beat up and intimidate someone the way you were? Ha’satan does nothing for your benefit. He wants you to DIE, and before you die he wants you to make as many people as possible MISERABLE. I went from girl to girl, sometimes dumping them, sometimes being dumped. I went to places, saw things, and took part in things (to a point, anyway) that would have shocked, saddened, and angered my family. I tossed away money like it was nothing. I basically wanted to self-destruct. It took surviving a bad relationship with my ex-fiancé along with her drug addicted daughters and their thieving friends to finally shock me into the place where Yahovah knew I was ready. I had found Michael and his unique and refreshing approach and manner in late 2017 after the death of ex-World Wider Bill Dankenbring, himself a man interested in tracking down Truth with an open mind. In 2018 I became engaged to my on and off girlfriend of 20 years. She, herself had been on her own spiritual quest. Sadly, she gave in to her daughters’ love of drugs, her favorite being marijuana which I derided as her “little green god”. After causing much trouble, including robbing me of both money and two of my firearms (even while I was paying her to clean my house!), her daughter left my house and took her innocent little son with her to go back to her pot dealing lesbian lover. My fiancé went into a deeper depression. I found a great-paying job after months of running out the last of my 401k savings and small temp jobs. On my first - and last - night of the job, I fell on ice and broke my hip socket. A few days later my fiancé announced she was going back to her home state to help out her mother with some things she needed done. Soon enough, she admitted she no longer loved me, and even stuck me with the large cable TV and internet bill she had previously wanted and paid for herself. (I got the company to lower the tier to something manageable.) Yahovah, I firmly believe, arranged for all this. From afar I have forgiven my almost step-daughter, whom I believe may well be possessed, but I cannot forgive her for any harm that her actions towards me may cause to others. Her mother is forever out of my life, and now that life is forever in my past. I have gone from wanting to kill myself just two years ago (even BEFORE they moved in with me!) to burying my old self in the mikveh and following Yeshua. Yahovah Will Provide!

Received: June 1, 2020

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