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jennifer starling

Shalom all

A couple of months ago I believe I ask for a prayer request about Wayne Starling my husband as a review on Dec. 23 he was taken to the ER I found him unconscious with his eyes open on the Kitchen floor his Blood Sugar was way over 800 and his blood pressure was so low they gave him meds to raise it he was put on a ventilator . approximately days later they told me that I had one of two choices one was put him on a trach and feeding tube and he lives in an assisted living nursing home or let him die comfortably. He was in a coma and I had been told by one of the nurses he might be like that the rest of his life. they did give me some time to think and pray about it

meanwhile it seemed as though they had every specialist for every organ looking at him. He did open his eyes when I saw them they looked red and teary and other times he would just stare at the ceiling as if he didn't recognize anyone when he open his eyes when I had to tell the doctor my decision I told him to put the trach and feeding tube in they had told me that it was temporary after they did the operation they moved him to another hospital and he was unconscious for a few weeks their he started opening his eyes but not talking and not responsive finally he started to breathe on his own and they disconnected the ventilator from the trach around the 20 of January they were lifting him up in a harness so he could sit for two hours every day plus they were doing dialysis because his kidneys weren't cleaning the toxins from his blood stream. About the 5 of Feb. the nurse was excited when I came to see him she told me praise, Wayne talked. I went in to the room I talked him but this time he seemed to talk with his eyes the therapist came in and said say hi Wayne and Wayne replied no. I said do you want anything and then in a low barely a whisper he did say water the therapist put in a standing order for him to have water or ice anytime he wants. On the 7th of feb. the doctor came in and pulled out his trach.

Everything seemed to lead that he was improving he was talking singular words but he could say hi, water please thanks, yeah give hugs and say how are you

I got a call around Feb 12/13 weds and thurs. telling me that he was ready for his next level of care and which nursing home do I want him to go to and then Friday morning around 2am I got a call from the night time nurse practitioner telling me that their was blood in his rectum and his blood pressure was too low so they are sending him to the ER at the main hospital. I waited for a call that they told me I would received. The ICU doctor called me and told me that their are some complications and I need to get there right away. when I got their his brother and I talked to the ICU doctor. we were told that his intestines were in bad shape and his body was not making any new cells it is just a matter of days now

funny thing is he was talking and asking what had happen we told him about being in the hospital and being on dialysis and the trach and feeding tube he said that he thought it was unreal and all a dream. we each got to see and talk to him. I held his hand all Saturday they kept him comfortable. when I went in Sunday morning was told that he had only hours left. his breathing was rattling he was unconscious around 1pm in the afternoon he went to be with Yeshua and our Heavenly Father Yehovah peacefully. Our prayer was that either he die painlessly and quickly or be healed completely, I believe that he was healed completely and that he also died without pain.

He loved to watch Shabbat Night live he would wish everyone Shabbat Shalom He loved the feasts of Yahovah.

He would listen to one of the teachings and then tell someone what he just learned

thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for me as I as my daughter puts it find my new normal pray that Yah will guide me and that he will help me find an apartment closer to my daughters and their families up in Noblesville Indiana since my mom lives in assisted living up their and Wayne's family also live up their.

Received: February 19, 2020

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