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Again, I never know where to place "comments". I placed my others in the prayer request area. This is not a testimony, it is a praise of your ministry and a specific guest. Dear Keith Johnson, thank you for this current series "Do we get HIM". I can't wait to get the DVDs.

My journey has taken me through Churchianity, agnosticism, then started reading the Bible on my own and finally found the Hebrew roots community through Rood Ministries. I am isolated here in central New York State and am finally coming out of my shell and interacting with Jesus people. Thanks to Michael, I've learned not to hit people over the head with my limited understanding and am occasionally fellowshipping with Jews, born-agains, and more traditional western churches. Most people now are familiar with my using His given name, Yeshua, and (thankfully) do not think less of me. It has been a struggle using "Jesus" in their company because it was tainted by a teaching years ago that the Jews used it as a pejorative.

Your explanations are exactly what I needed in my journey with local people. As they ask more and more questions about what I believe and why I don't celebrate Christmas and Easter, I will definitely use this series to help them understand.

I am hoping that one day I will be able to host Shavuot on this rehabilitation farm and maybe it will grow into the local people celebrating more of the Holy Days here. Our board of directors contains 2 traditional believers in Jesus (one an Evangelical and the other a Catholic), me (a Hebrew Roots believer who studies with Michael and Nehemia), an atheist, a Buddhist, and two agnostics. None of them objected to the clause in our nonprofit by-laws that prevents any farm work to be done on the Sabbath or Holy Days as identified by the New Moon Society and posted on the Rood website. They all were satisfied because we make it clear that anyone who comes to work on the farm can have two days off a week, one of them being Saturday. Western church believers can have Saturday and Sunday. Muslims can have Friday and Saturday. And we tell everyone else they can pick any day of the week they want for their 2nd day. So far no one has objected.

Some day I hope to see this farm standing as a light on the side of the hill as we feed people when the grid goes down. Oops, this should have been in the prayer request area! Please pray that YHWH's people come to take over the farm and the nonprofit. Due to financial disaster we have placed the farm for sale. I simply cannot operate this farm alone anymore. Please, YHWH, send your warriors to take it over, and make sure they are HAM radio operators. Thank you.

Received: December 10, 2022

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