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Arnold FRANKLIN Payne

I am 73 years of age and a Vietnam/Cambodia combat veteran. I was there in 1970 and my unit lead the invasion into Cambodia. There in the Michelin Rubber plantation I held a man in my hands and blew off his face. That one second tore me up and cause my life to become a total failure. So many jobs, married more than once, my life became so haunted by that one second that it was buried so deep in my brain that I have forgotten all about it.

Then during our forced lock up for a virus I was finally in a position to really look at what was bothering me. I had been trying to find out what was bothering me, as I did not know. I would ask the Father for Help with this thing and nothing seemed to work over that 50 years. The a verse in the Bible really hit my hard. Do not fear men for what they can do to the body, but rather fear The father to what He will do to your soul and spirit. That scared me and shook me up to the core. Then finally, YeHoVaH reached down deep into my soul and brought this monster up and finally removed it. When I found Michael Rood and his teaching, the Word the YeHoVaH became alive. Every verse I ever read in the past took on a whole new life of it's own. My soul, after 50 years of hurt from killing a creation of the Fathers, is finally at peace. I can smile at people now and be a human being instead of a broken down damaged man. I actually like people now.

Received: November 21, 2022

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