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Alig wong Lee Yee

I'm Alig wong from Malaysia Sabah. N I'm Chinese. I was in a Christian church for a long time around 10 plus years listening to the words of God. I am now 42 years old. Before I become a Christian, I followed pagan God from the age of 8 years old. Until Yehovah put a question for me " Are these dolls really a god from heaven"? Then I start searching how this doll god (India god, monkey king, Guan going, etc...) come from. And did he know what is best for me? But they can't talk. Lastly, I know they are handmade, this broke my heart. Then I try to search for the Christian God, this God can tell me who HE is and all of this world is HE creation. This is a big difference from other pagan gods for me. Then I know this God is beyond the pagan god I know before. The story goes back after I have become a Christian, sitting in church listening to the pastor preaching, suddenly got a question come into my heart asking me. Did he (the pastor) always say the same things and just preach his own opinion and add in God's words only? I suddenly recognize. Even though I was already listening to the pastor preach for a long time the inner me (my spirit) was very dry. Then I try searching again on YouTube, then I found Michael Rood. After listening to what he preaches is SO BIG DIFFERENCE from what my church pastor teaches, it is just like the bible is opening in Infront of my eyes and no more secret anymore. Wow!!! And I am so happy to share it with my church leadership and pastor. But bad news for me, they say you are a false teacher. Long story short. My spirit tells me this is really true God's words, then....., I leave the church ( Basel church). I don't care. And I follow all your teaching and baptize again me and my family's just after listening to your teaching. Miracle happening in that day we baptized. Heavy rain 2 days after we decided to go baptize in the river. The 3rd day still raining when I was on the way to the river. I pray again, I ask him... Is this not Your will? If yes please stop the rain!!! We stayed inside the car beside the river and wait, the whole sky is covered in dark clouds after a few minutes suddenly the sun is coming out from the sky!!! Then we all go fast enough into the river and baptize in Yeshua's name. After that, it rained again. Wow...!!! Blessed our King of the universe!!! Thank you, Michael Rood and your team rood awakening. You are the real apostle in these last days!!! May you and your family be blessed and have a quick recovery.

Hope can find someone here in my place that has the same faith as me, feeling just me and my family's only here that agree with what Michael teaching. Please pray for me that I can stay strong here. Thank you.

Received: January 31, 2022

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