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Stephanie Elaine Shiflet

My latest Testimony


2007 dream about moving to Far West Texas

2014 bought land

2019 moved full time to land & discovered living amidst Satanist

2020 I was bound and mind controlled to do nothing but move boxes around in my store that I am still trying to finish inside (mind controled by the local Coven). Got 0 completed last year except for our trip to Israel with Keith Johnson.

2021 January The local coven sent a Demon to Kill me and gain control of my husband for one of the witches.

From the first pain in my left side of my head I prayed for help and as this went dark in my mind for me I prayed for help for my husband to help me. Garvin at the same time was praying for me and for assistance to help me. Four days later I was on the floor and not answering the phone. My husband returned to find me alive but with a head trauma.

The witches gave Garvin a vision of a neighbor that would take care of him and our farm if he would just let me die and choose her. He did not and prayed even harder to Yehovah in Yeshua's name to save me!

I could not talk only shake head yes or no.

Yehovah allowed Garvin to see the demon through my eyes to cast it out of me.

EMS and Life flight was called.

Before I husband drove the 4 hours to the hospital the Neurosurgeon called for premission for emergency surgery. He cut almost 1/4 of my skull off to allow the brain to exspand and drain the blood. Brain bleed almost 1 cm bleed pushed my brain over and almost cut the brain steam.

When I first awoke, First I knew I had been in the presence of Yehovah second I was looking for my husband.

I could not properly speak or recall correct words, memory. use my right hand to eat or walk without a walker.

8 days later I was released to go home. The first morning I awoke I knew I had been in the presence of Yehovah again. Out of my mouth I said " haSatan petitioned the courts of Heaven for my life and Yehovah said NO! HalleluYAH! Yehovah hu ha Elohim!

Three months later I got my bone flat reinstalled.

Two months later I was back to 90% healed by Yehovah in who I give all the glory!

You see they told my husband I would need a miracle to live, then they told him to NOT expect a full recovery.They told him to plan on a nursing home for me to recover and have physical therapy for an undetermined amount of time.

Today as I write this 08/07/21 I am 99% healed. The only difference is when Yehovah Delivered me, he broke off me everything the Coven had placed upon me and healed me almost completely. I just have a few little memory hicups here and there. Praise Yehovah for his showers of favor, mercy and grace upon me and my husband during this ordeal.I am greatful and thankful to Yeshua that he is my redeemer, my sinless example, my High Priest and when the first resurrection comes I am hopeful that I will ascend with the other believers in our true Salvation to come.

I am a student of Spiritual Deliverance as I have been delivered from many worldly ways, spiritual and emotional issues over many years. Prayer to Yehovah in Yeshua's name is always the answer! I also thank the many people who prayed for me and with me for healing.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my latest testimony.

Received: August 7, 2021

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