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First a brief synopsis of how And the why I came to this point.

At 8 months old I was in car accident. I was literally thrown inside the car (no seatbelts required back then). The only injury I suffered was 4 stitches on my face.

Around age 7 my life took major turn you see that was year that began the 5 years of molestation I went through and the year I was told I was nothing but dog poop ,dirty and no one would love me .

During that time I was attending the required church which was referred to by others as the “Holy Rollers” apparently everyone spoke in tongues but me. They taught fear Of God but for me it was more terrifying to me as they literally made me terrified of YeHoVaH because I was that nasty little girl.

Growing up I truly believed I was of no value as that is what I was always told at home and based on what I was taught

in church I couldn’t believe that Yeshua would love me.

I always believed in YeHoVaH but I was terrified of him.

At age 14 I was in a car accident. I was thrown out the windshield of car traveling at 120 mph (as was calculated by

State patrol) . 3 days later I became conscious and found myself in hospital. I was told about my older brother and that it should have been me and not him. He received the brunt of all injuries of the accident.

You see I was not only alive but did not suffer one broken bone, however, I did receive leg damage and my legs were so bruised they were black.

I thanked God for healing my legs and not leaving me forever trapped at home.

At one point I tried to take my own life and many more other events through the years like a never ending story but I never blamed YeHoVaH.

All those years I truly believed in YeHoVaH but I didn't believe I was worth his time, effort or even his love but I still hoped.

. I searched to find a church that I felt was right to me but really never found one. They didn’t feel right is best way I can explain.

Through time I would have small chats with YeHoVaH and thank him when things would get better but never really got totally over the fear until I turned about 58 years old. It had taken a lifetime to get over the fear I was taught as a child. I had talks with YeHoVaH and read the bible a few times and one day in my talk with our Father when I finally felt comfortable from fear I asked him for the truth.

I could not believe in my heart that he wanted me to be terrified of him and asked for the truth.

I received an answer .

I realized that he was there when I was a baby.

He was there as little girl and growing up.

He was there when I went through the windshield.

He was there during the terrible turmoils of my adult life for he had his hand on my shoulder and walked with me.

He answered when I asked for the truth and led me to Michael Rood, Nehemia Gordon, Kieth Johnson

and the others that I was introduced to through Michael.

I knew in my heart that what I was hearing was truth and what I had been searching for.

My walking alone, terrifying fear and not knowing the truth ended for me at age 60.

What I learned in all the tribulations in my life is what brought me to The type person I came to be and the strength of my faith.

I never felt worthy but faith was still there.

Though I am in my 60’s my faith has never been stronger and my genuine compassion of others will never change.

I would not change one bit of my life as I have been able to help others who have been through what I have been through and believe that I may have given them hope in their terrible times.

It has made me a strong person and has even made my faith stronger. So this is my testimony.

You are not alone though it may feel like it.

You are loved and matter.

There is hope.

The truth is there for the asking.

Knock and the door will open.

Received: January 4, 2020

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