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jennifer starling

Shalom all

A couple of months ago I believe I ask for a prayer request about Wayne Starling my husband as a review on Dec. 23 he was taken to the ER I found him unconscious with his eyes open on the Kitchen floor his Blood Sugar was way over 800 and his blood pressure was so low they gave him meds to raise it he was put on a ventilator . approximately days later they told me that I had one of two choices one was put him on a trach and feeding tube and he lives in an assisted living nursing home or let him die comfortably. He was in a coma and I had been told by one of the nurses he might be like that the rest of his life. they did give me some time to think and pray about it

meanwhile it seemed as though they had every specialist for every organ looking at him. He did open his eyes when I saw them they looked red and teary and other times he would just stare at the ceiling as if he didn't recognize anyone when he open his eyes when I had to tell the doctor my decision I told him to put the trach and feeding tube in they had told me that it was temporary after they did the operation they moved him to another hospital and he was unconscious for a few weeks their he started opening his eyes but not talking and not responsive finally he started to breathe on his own and they disconnected the ventilator from the trach around the 20 of January they were lifting him up in a harness so he could sit for two hours every day plus they were doing dialysis because his kidneys weren't cleaning the toxins from his blood stream. About the 5 of Feb. the nurse was excited when I came to see him she told me praise, Wayne talked. I went in to the room I talked him but this time he seemed to talk with his eyes the therapist came in and said say hi Wayne and Wayne replied no. I said do you want anything and then in a low barely a whisper he did say water the therapist put in a standing order for him to have water or ice anytime he wants. On the 7th of feb. the doctor came in and pulled out his trach.

Everything seemed to lead that he was improving he was talking singular words but he could say hi, water please thanks, yeah give hugs and say how are you

I got a call around Feb 12/13 weds and thurs. telling me that he was ready for his next level of care and which nursing home do I want him to go to and then Friday morning around 2am I got a call from the night time nurse practitioner telling me that their was blood in his rectum and his blood pressure was too low so they are sending him to the ER at the main hospital. I waited for a call that they told me I would received. The ICU doctor called me and told me that their are some complications and I need to get there right away. when I got their his brother and I talked to the ICU doctor. we were told that his intestines were in bad shape and his body was not making any new cells it is just a matter of days now

funny thing is he was talking and asking what had happen we told him about being in the hospital and being on dialysis and the trach and feeding tube he said that he thought it was unreal and all a dream. we each got to see and talk to him. I held his hand all Saturday they kept him comfortable. when I went in Sunday morning was told that he had only hours left. his breathing was rattling he was unconscious around 1pm in the afternoon he went to be with Yeshua and our Heavenly Father Yehovah peacefully. Our prayer was that either he die painlessly and quickly or be healed completely, I believe that he was healed completely and that he also died without pain.

He loved to watch Shabbat Night live he would wish everyone Shabbat Shalom He loved the feasts of Yahovah.

He would listen to one of the teachings and then tell someone what he just learned

thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for me as I as my daughter puts it find my new normal pray that Yah will guide me and that he will help me find an apartment closer to my daughters and their families up in Noblesville Indiana since my mom lives in assisted living up their and Wayne's family also live up their.

Received: February 19, 2020

Jennifer Sandersfield

I felt directed to Michael Rood on You Tube. He has answered many question in my mind but I am only getting started. I have MUCH TO LEARN!!!

I have known for many years what day the true sabbath is and cannot make others understand. I will keep studying

with The Rood Crew so that I can tell others in a way that they too can understand.

Received: January 19, 2020


First a brief synopsis of how And the why I came to this point.

At 8 months old I was in car accident. I was literally thrown inside the car (no seatbelts required back then). The only injury I suffered was 4 stitches on my face.

Around age 7 my life took major turn you see that was year that began the 5 years of molestation I went through and the year I was told I was nothing but dog poop ,dirty and no one would love me .

During that time I was attending the required church which was referred to by others as the “Holy Rollers” apparently everyone spoke in tongues but me. They taught fear Of God but for me it was more terrifying to me as they literally made me terrified of YeHoVaH because I was that nasty little girl.

Growing up I truly believed I was of no value as that is what I was always told at home and based on what I was taught

in church I couldn’t believe that Yeshua would love me.

I always believed in YeHoVaH but I was terrified of him.

At age 14 I was in a car accident. I was thrown out the windshield of car traveling at 120 mph (as was calculated by

State patrol) . 3 days later I became conscious and found myself in hospital. I was told about my older brother and that it should have been me and not him. He received the brunt of all injuries of the accident.

You see I was not only alive but did not suffer one broken bone, however, I did receive leg damage and my legs were so bruised they were black.

I thanked God for healing my legs and not leaving me forever trapped at home.

At one point I tried to take my own life and many more other events through the years like a never ending story but I never blamed YeHoVaH.

All those years I truly believed in YeHoVaH but I didn't believe I was worth his time, effort or even his love but I still hoped.

. I searched to find a church that I felt was right to me but really never found one. They didn’t feel right is best way I can explain.

Through time I would have small chats with YeHoVaH and thank him when things would get better but never really got totally over the fear until I turned about 58 years old. It had taken a lifetime to get over the fear I was taught as a child. I had talks with YeHoVaH and read the bible a few times and one day in my talk with our Father when I finally felt comfortable from fear I asked him for the truth.

I could not believe in my heart that he wanted me to be terrified of him and asked for the truth.

I received an answer .

I realized that he was there when I was a baby.

He was there as little girl and growing up.

He was there when I went through the windshield.

He was there during the terrible turmoils of my adult life for he had his hand on my shoulder and walked with me.

He answered when I asked for the truth and led me to Michael Rood, Nehemia Gordon, Kieth Johnson

and the others that I was introduced to through Michael.

I knew in my heart that what I was hearing was truth and what I had been searching for.

My walking alone, terrifying fear and not knowing the truth ended for me at age 60.

What I learned in all the tribulations in my life is what brought me to The type person I came to be and the strength of my faith.

I never felt worthy but faith was still there.

Though I am in my 60’s my faith has never been stronger and my genuine compassion of others will never change.

I would not change one bit of my life as I have been able to help others who have been through what I have been through and believe that I may have given them hope in their terrible times.

It has made me a strong person and has even made my faith stronger. So this is my testimony.

You are not alone though it may feel like it.

You are loved and matter.

There is hope.

The truth is there for the asking.

Knock and the door will open.

Received: January 4, 2020

Arnold Payne

I am a Vietnam/Cambodia combat Veteran. While there, an incicdent occured that lasted less than 3 or 4 seconds. That 3 or 4 seconds has been a major problem since and that was 50 years ago the coming Feburary. That 3 or 4 seconds in which I held a human being in my hand and shot him in the face. In order for me to live with what I had done I turned to drugs, booze, and women.

It has taken me 50 years but I beat the drugs and the booze. I had also got hook on porn. Looking at the sex act between a man and a woman was much better than what I had to deal with in the results of a fire fight.

When I got back home from the Nam I had a real hard time readjusting to civilian life. When you live in a world where when you take on step you have no guareente of putting that foot down again.

When I got home I was really upset with God. Why did my friends die and myself did not? Why did I have to hold this guy in my hand and then shoot him in the face and get the exquisite felling of being god. The power of life and death in my hands. Fifty years later I'm still trying to come to grips with the fact that I took the life of a human being. Somebodies son, brother, husband, dad that you just terminated. Ever since I've had trouble with the fact that I took a human life.

A number of years a word was given to me that I didn't need slavation. I had slavation locked in tight. The attribute I needed was not slavation but something I have very little of. Self Discipline. The ability to be able to sit down and read the Word of God and try to study as best I can.

I really need to find s mentor because of what I'm seeing. I don't know if what I'm seeing if something from God, my mind going beserk and it is driving me nuts. trying to figure out what I'm seeing and what I'm seeing is not pretty.

I could use some prayer because there are times I feel alone. Can't find a place to go worship because I'm tired of the milk they are teaching. I want to have the meat of God's word.

Received: November 26, 2019

W. Mueller

Thank you for reaching out! I love Michael Rood and his teachings have meant so much to me, my family, and my friends. I bless you in the name of Yeshua our Messiah to be fruitful and multiply and reach the nations with the truth of the Gospel of our GOD and His covenant. I bless you to open the eyes of both the house of Judah and the House of Israel to their true identity and their true inheritance as brothers in Messiah. I bless your ministry to be followed by signs, wonders, and miracles of the Holy Spirit and to overflow with resources as you remain faithful to the mission which YeHoVaH has mandated in you! I bless each person who partners with your ministry, both paid staff and financial & prayer partners to walk in the FULLNESS of the healing, deliverance, and abundance that follow the blessing of YeHoVaH over our Father Abraham, as well as the better promises of Messiah, which we are partakers of as co-heirs with HIM, seated in heavenly places, citizens of the Kingdom of GOD, through faith in the Risen One. We love you guys and we walk with you. I look forward with excitement to be able to bless your ministry with more resources and perhaps one day meet you all in person before He returns. My number is below, feel free to reach out at any time.

Received: September 17, 2019

Sonia UK

Shalom Michael, I want to thank you for having Doug on your program sharing this truth of the lost sheep of Israel. I meet with torah keepers and have tried so desperately to talk of all Doug has shared. I did my own research on Hosea, the law, the words of Yeshua, Pauls writings and came to this conclusion. Would my friends listen??? I was jumping up and down when I listened to Doug. My friend in our group has now heard and understands. THANKYOU.

Received: September 17, 2019

D. McSparren

I was blown away by Dr Douglas Hamp's teaching on Shabbat night live at the weekend. I saw JESUS as GOD as never before. The GOD who had to die so that the House of Israel could be married again. I think that there may be something more in the Gospels description of JESUS as the SON of Man. Dr Hamp's Scriptures checked out as far as I was concerned. May GOD bless you in JESUS Name.

Received: September 17, 2019

J. Strunk

On June 30, I went to my local Lowe's store. I was wearing my custom printed "Yehovah" t-shirt and one of Nehemia Gordon's Yehovah Silver Round coins that I made into a pendant. (The same shirt and pendant that are in the picture I sent you.) The checkout clerk asked about what was printed on my pendant. I said it was the same thing printed on my t-shirt. I told him that it was the true name of God Almighty and gave him a brief explanation of HIS True Name. I also told him about the burning bush being a real plant. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dictamnus) After telling him about the chariot parts on the Red Sea Floor, I gave him a Red Sea Crossing card and started telling him about the Chronological Gospels. I stopped myself in mid-sentence and went to my car, returning with a copy of TCG that I keep in the car to distribute as HE leads. It was an incredible blessing to be used!

Received: September 17, 2019

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