The Chronological Gospels Bible

Jesus was a Jewish man in Israel during the first century who lived his life one day at a time, as we all do. He was teaching in a very different time and place than where we are now, but his messages are just as important today as they were then. But how much of his message can we truly comprehend from a distance of almost 2,000 years and half a world away? The answer: plenty! But, first we have to understand the cultural and historical perspective of the time and place, and we need to see his actions as they took place – chronologically.

The Chronological Gospels Bible reorganizes Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, The Acts and The Revelation in chronological order. You can see what the Messiah was doing each day of his ministry. You can follow along the timeline of his sermons, his miracles and the last days, hours and moments before his crucifixion.

The Chronological Gospels also explains the religious debates and issues at the forefront during the Messiah’s ministry and really reveals why he was so hated by those that wanted to kill him.

When reconstructed in this manner, the Gospel records synchronize beautifully. Any apparent contradictions solve themselves, and the Messiah’s message to his disciples then — and what we can take away from it now — becomes clear and that much more powerful.

No longer do you have to try to piece together the Messiah’s life from four separate accounts from different authors with different perspectives. It is done for you! Now all sides of the story are combined and organized so you can watch the motion picture of the Messiah’s ministry unfold before your eyes like you’ve never been able to experience before. If you have ever longed to truly know your Messiah, this is what you have been awaiting.

How did pagan sun god worship end up in seemingly innocent, Christian traditions? And why do believers blindly follow along? Learn the truth, why it matters, and what the Almighty says about it all.

The Chronological Gospels Bible

The Chronological Gospels reorganizes the events in the Messiah’s ministry recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and The Acts into chronological order, and also includes The Revelation accompanied by fascinating and informative commentary.

The 70-Week Ministry of the Messiah

The result of reorganizing the Gospel accounts into chronological order is a shocking, yet indisputable 70-week timeline from the moment of the Messiah’s baptism in water to the baptism of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost… a far cry from the incorrect assumption that his ministry was three-and-a-half years.

This centuries-old assumption has caused insurmountable confusion and contradiction among Bible scholars for more than 1,600 years – but disappears in The Chronological Gospels, giving way to crystal clear understanding and peace of mind that the Bible is, indeed, the inerrant Word of the LORD.

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Day-by-Day Records of the Messiah’s Life


The Chronological Gospels is divided into more than 300 “events” allowing the reader to discover exactly what the Messiah was doing during any week of his ministry.

In certain circumstances, you can even see what he was doing on a day-by-day basis. In fact, many of the miracles he performed and even his birth, death, and resurrection can be pinpointed to the exact day that they happened — The Chronological Gospels really is that accurate!

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The Simplicity of Synchronicity

When reconstructed in chronological order, the Gospel records synchronize perfectly, instantly debunking biblical contradictions. No longer do you have to piece together the Messiah’s life and ministry from four separate accounts from different authors with different perspectives… it’s all done for you!

With all sides of the story combined and organized, The Chronological Gospels plays out like a motion picture of the Messiah’s ministry, unfolding before your eyes like you’ve never experienced before! If you have longed to truly know your Messiah, this is what you’ve been waiting for!

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The Answers You’ve Been Searching For

Scholars, teachers, new believers… regardless of your walk, if you are searching for answers and peace of mind on the argued contradictions of the Gospels, this Bible provides confirmation of what you already believe is true.

The Chronological Gospels answers questions you’ve wrestled with for years, unraveling misunderstood cultural context and closing historical loopholes, making the Messiah’s message clearer and more powerful than you could imagine!

Deeper, Richer Truth

If you want to dig deeper than ever before in the Truth found in the ministry of the Messiah, Buy The Chronological Gospels – it’s the greatest book ever written… about the greatest Book ever written!

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