Biblical Calendar

Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected

This one-of-a-kind calendar uses data from NASA and pinpoint-accurate biblical history to calculate time the way Yeshua did — according to YeHoVaH’s original reckoning of time… not a man-made system!

Michael the Scholar

Why is this important?

Because time is the ultimate context; unless you understand how the Almighty tells time, you’ll never properly understand his book: The Bible!

Once you understand his timeclock — the reasons behind why biblical events happened when they did, what was going on at that moment, and what it means in the big, prophetic picture — the Bible becomes much easier to understand… and just makes a lot more sense!

Covering 15 months, from the month of the Aviv (Passover) through Shavuot (Pentecost) the following year, this calendar includes extensive explanation, amazingly accurate new moon data on each month, plus “on this day” historical notes of Yeshua’s ministry that correlate directly with The Chronological Gospels Bible.

This calendar helps you understand the Almighty’s timekeeping methods like you never thought possible… and understand the Bible like never before!

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PLEASE NOTE: The new moon was seen earlier than expected, on the evening of Tuesday, July 18. Therefore, the first day of the 5th month shown on this calendar is actually the second day. A revised edition will be posted this week.