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The Exodus You Never Knew
with Aaron Lipkin

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Episode 3: The 3 Covenants

Could it be that not all 12 tribes were among those who escaped Egypt? Did some leave before the Exodus?

And if they were not part of the Exodus, how did those missing tribes become part of the covenant at Sinai?

Aaron Lipkin presents some eye-opening, sacred cow crushing evidence for a major revision of our assumptions about the Exodus!

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To the casual Bible reader, the story of the Exodus seems straightforward. But to serious students, there are dead ends and gaps in the narrative that leave us with unanswered questions.

Israeli resident and tour operator Aaron Lipkin embarked on a mission to solve the mysteries of the Exodus — what he found were answers to questions he didn’t know to ask!

Taking clues from throughout the Bible and beyond, “The Exodus You Never Knew” will unravel your assumptions! Citing newly discovered archaeological finds, unrecorded cultural practices, mysterious feasts, and obscure migrations, Aaron Lipkin helps piece together the puzzle of the Exodus story!

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