August 2016 Rood Review Newsletter

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Newsletter exclusive… EXCITING DETAILS about our next feast event: YOM TERUAH including Michael Rood, Bill Cloud, and a former Islamic terrorist!

Learn how to reverse the symptoms of disease – Scott Laird, ND tells you how in his “Health Hacks” column!

NEW – The Israel Tour 2017 is now booking! – Find out about this year’s tour and sign up quickly

PLUS… Aviv Fellowships has a brand new website, Michael Rood speaks out on birthdays, and more!



Here’s a sneak peek from Michael’s article…

Yeshua IS NOT coming back – not for several more years, at least. However, the brimstone is about to hit the fan. The Almighty is revealing our part in the aermath of Israel’s existential war. We need to get our hearts and minds ready for the events that initiate the intermediate fulfillment of the Fall Feasts of the LORD. The Day of YeHoVaH is at hand – it is an extended period of time that culminates on Hoshana Rabbah – the Last Great Day.

I want you to be here for Yom Teruah. It may be our last time to assemble together for instruction and encouragement. I have been “gently” warning and teaching and preparing you for this day for decades. This is no time to draw back. We were born to be warriors in this day!

I am asking you to join me for “Yom Teruah 2016: The Day of YeHoVaH! ” in Charlotte ( ). I am bringing in other speakers for this event, too. However, I am not going to get into details about tickets, meals, hotels, and such right now. I want you to be here  – so I can meet you there  – when the initial smoke clears. Although we plan a year in advance for Passover, there is no guarantee that we will have that time together next spring. Order your priorities – make your plans – the Almighty will direct your path. I am thankful that you are my friend and that we have walked together on the ancient paths as long as we have.


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