I have talked myself hoarse more times than I can count. I have been awake in the wee hours of the morning over and over and over. I have pulled all nighters despite no deadlines, and I have traveled enough distance to equate circling the earth many times over.

Sometimes friends and family tell me I’m spreading myself too thin. And sometimes, when I’m knocked clean off my feet, I relent for a moment – but just a moment.  Why?  Because I hear from people all over the world about what changed their life and turned them back to “the faith once delivered to the Saints.” And that’s what keeps me going.

For one person it’s The Mystery of Iniquity.  For another it’s the Truth and Tradition episode of the A Rood Awakening from Israel series. For someone else it’s the Secret of Solomon’s Temple, or the Creator’s Calendar, or even Michael Rood Exposed. For many recently it’s The Chronological Gospels, And, of course, for so many it’s Shabbat Night Live and our other television shows airing all over the planet.

I am never not working on something, and yes, it can run me ragged.  But if I weren’t constantly working to put as much as I can out into the world, so many of those people I hear from might never have had the experience that brought them back to the truth.

I have an amazing team working on this with me. We move quickly and in many directions, cranking stuff out as efficiently as we can to get it into the hands, eyes and ears of as many as we can. We are always working to make it the highest quality possible, often going back and reworking previous stuff to make it better. But the point is that we are diligent about moving forward in new and different ways. We know that each thing we release reaches someone new and might just be exactly what they need to hear.

The more I can create, the more people will hear the call of the Almighty. It’s not an easy job, but it’s the only one I want. We’re in a dead run to the finish line here, and when I come to the end, I want to know I gave it all I had. And every single person that I can reach is worth it.

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