November 2016 Rood Review Newsletter

How much this ministry does… is up to YOU!

YEAR-END GIVING OPTIONS is the topic of this month’s newsletter, now available for download!

If Michael Rood’s teachings have blessed you this is your chance to bring the truth to others!

Discover why your gift by December 31 is so important!



Here’s an excerpt from Michael’s letter…

“How much more we do — and how long we can do it — is up to you. I need you to think ahead with me. Together, you and I need to plan this ministry’s activities for 2017 right now… we need your support to determine how much we can do.

The end of 2016 is upon us and you have a choice to make:
• You could pay more tax than you need to and watch the government waste it.
• You could support A Rood Awakening! International and bring the truth to more people than we have ever reached before.”


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