When Yeshua was here the first time, the King from Heaven laid down the rules of the Kingdom of Heaven.

He said the Kingdom is among us.

We bow our knee now, worship him in spirit and in truth now, and live in obedience to him now… or not.

Yeshua will NOT “retrain” us when he comes back — because he already did it!

Yeshua said not everyone who calls him “Lord” will enter into the Kingdom, but only those who do the will of the Father.

The truth is sometimes hard to hear, but it is necessary to help people enter into the narrow way so they do not end up before the throne on judgment day and hear, “You think you proclaim my name. Get out of my face! You are (anomia) without Torah!” (Matthew 7:23)

We need to do his will now! He has given us his Word so we can do it now.

Some want to keep just a few pagan traditions for their own comfort, but that is treading on thin ice!

If you suggest keeping traditional Christmas to make it easier for you, you are not doing the will of the Father. Taking pagan things and saying we’re doing it for him is what he calls an abomination.

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We must get clean and rid our lives of pagan traditions!

Yeshua said most people that say they follow him will miss the mark! Most Christians will be thrown in the Lake of Fire, according to Yeshua! Most people’s “Jesus” is a figment of western Gentile imagination.

The Bible doesn’t talk about confessing Jesus or Yeshua as our “Savior”, we are to confess him as Lord, and Lord is one whom we must obey.

Moses said The Prophet would come that we must hear and obey, and if we don’t, we will be judged. And the one who will do the judging is the Messiah, the Prophet himself.

It is not too late to hear and obey. The Kingdom is among us. We have his word. We don’t need to wait for a special future training.

It’s time to start living the will of the Father now!

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