Loving YHWH, please surround Jeremico Cooper and his family, and the grandmother fighting for abused children and her loved ones with protection and inward peace. Please grant their requests and bless their efforts.

Father our rehab farm needs the tractor working within the next few weeks (days actually!!!) if we are to have any income from our produce and for the safety of the livestock. Please guard my mouth when I call the repair shop on Monday, April 10, to work out getting our $2,000 back (and in our savings account earning interest until they ACTUALLY do what they said they did) and get their techs to come to the farm to fix the problems they did NOT fix (but charged us anyway) and fix the new problems that they created.

Thank you for your many blessings with the beautiful animals we have, and protecting my health while I have no physical help myself. Please, Father, help us to be a light on the side of the hill and show us how to have enough physical help and enough donations to continue. Give me the strength and the hope to continue. Please protect me from this crushing discouragement.

Father, please help us to build a Torah keeping community here on Lamb’s Quarters Organic Farm to be a light on the side of the hill during the difficult times to come. Please send Torah keeping veterans with ham radio talent (and equipment) to take over this operation. In Yeshua’s name we pray. So be it.

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