Pray as our family journeys through many changes, we went to court for foster children in our care, and pray now that the adoption, will come and finalize quickly, and pray that our granddaughters who have been sexually abused will finally see freedom from bio mom and perpetrator, pray my family will be able to be blessed with a larger home to house my adopted children and my granddaughters as YeHoVaH returns the granddaughters to us, pray my husband will indeed receive a new heart, pray relief of knee pains for me. But most especially pray for our nation to return to HIS MAJESTY’S grace and will. Pray for my new granddaughter and her amazing parents, yes, this is my other son who is an amazing earthly dad, his brother who is daddy to my other granddaughters has chosen a life of drugs and lies. Thank you so much for joining me in this season of trials.

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