Now this is the fourth time I’ve tried to post this request, I’m getting frustrated.
Prayers requested for my wife Kayla.
Some at ARA know the whole story, but here is the cliff notes version. It’s been a difficult year but each time Yah has brought us through. So we are hoping and expecting Yah to continue to show Himself mighty on our behalf.
Her recent follow up with the eye doctor after cataract surgery shows “diabetic retinopathy” or swollen retinas with some micro bleeding. A trip to the retina specialist was yesterday which confirmed the eye doctors concerns. Initially it seemed to be ok, with no surgery needed. The only treatment option was a course of injections to reduce the swelling.
Initially we were agreed to the treatment, as we believe it is from her body’s trauma from last fall, having a system wide staph infection that had affected her pancreas. Thanks to YeHoVah’s hand and the counsel from Dr. Scott. She has been eight months normal in blood glucose levels with out any medications or insulin.
However, there was a snafu with the insurance and they wouldn’t authorize the same day treatment. So, the next time the doctor will be in the office in our area, and our schedule to make the appointment is six weeks away. The doctor was far too concerned for it to wait that long. The wheels started to come off the visit when Kayla asked about side effects from the injections. It just got worse from there with the scheduling issue and insurance delay. Well, I called my Ins, and got right through but they hadn’t any request for pre-authorization from the Dr. So, something doesn’t smell right.
The attitude went from being light, to dramatically dire if we didn’t get back for the shots in a week or two. It was punctuated with, “well, it’s your vision, if you don’t get these, it’ll only get worse”.
My later response on the issue as we were driving home was, ” It obviously isn’t so dire to forgot profit and help someone who “desperately needs” this treatment. ( not to mention, I inquired of the price of the shots if it were to be paid out of pocket, the reply was thousands of dollars PER shot )
So in review of the day, we are leaving this in the hands of YaHoVah, as He had healed Kayla so far and in doing so completely confounded man’s “wisdom” and the arrogance of doctors. For that I cheer HIM on in what HE alone can do. I was reminded of what the prophet said to one of the kings of Israel, that to rely on man is to lean on a stick that will break and pierce your hand. Especially when those men give no glory to GOD, and serve only their own ego, pharmakia, or money.
I have been putting on Scripture when we go to bed and let it play. Last night I had it start in Mark. Later on I was awakened by our dog to go out, so when I returned, John chapter 7 was playing. Hearing the discourse between the Messiah and the Prushim, HE punctuates His authority with John 9, HEALING OF THE MAN BORN BLIND. So we are rejoicing that Yah has heard our prayers and are looking for complete healing of Kayla’s eyes. For HIS glory, Her wholeness and as a testimony to men.
Thank you Todd

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