Shalom beloved,

First and for most thank you very much for everything. My testimony is long, so I will keep it short. My journey began in November 2012, and I came to truth in November 2014. I started out with some of your videos such as “truth or tradition”; from here I searched for more understanding which took me through much ups and downs. I did have some sort of fellowship with my daughters and a friend I met through the church I was going to, whom I was fortunate enough to walk out of that church with and never went back. After 7 years of being in this walk, I found myself at a bolder in the road stuck. During the lock down fellowshipping became challenging – I felt that most of the ministries I came across where putting fear into the people. I was one of those people that fell into that trap, as it is a struggle for me; I am doing much better, but still have a way to go.

I would have to say the most difficult part of my journey was falling out of fellowship with the other individual my daughters and I fellowshipped with; during the fall feast of 2021 I was accused of leading the individual astray due to my calculations for the feast days. This was a struggle for me every year, because I wanted to make sure I had the right dates. It was this situation that would give me a wake up call. At this point I knew that my girls and I needed a change away from the hateful Hebrew roots movement (well the toxic ones); when hateful comments are made about a group of people or person is usually an indicator for me to run the other way. My background is Jamaican, that is my place of origin, growing up in Jamaica race is not an issue at least it wasn’t to me – I can’t speak for every Jamaican. I knew nothing of racism until I moved to this country in 1997 at the age of 9.

At the end of 2021 is when I came upon the contents of Michael Rood again and began binge watching practically almost everything. I do believe this to be the hand of the Father, because it felt like home. Michael is not afraid to speak the truth, and speak about the hard topics. My girls and I enjoy your teachings, and the teachings of the speakers that has been on Shabbat Night Live while Michael recovers. I will say I have learned more within 2yrs, than I did in 7yrs.

Love Always


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