Please continue to pray for Louisiana

A friend’s homestead surrounded by fires! There are fires all over Louisiana. Even trying to reach the Oil Refineries in the Sulphur/Lake Charles area! 33,000 acres still burning just in her area, 158 counted fires to date. All nursing homes were evacuated from Beauregard Parish. Arrested a man who started 17 of the fires, he confessed. 50 days straight of no rain! And less than 30% humidity… this is so bizarre and wild!!! This has never happened in Louisiana! 50,000 acres burned.
200-year-old Oaks – dead because of the drought/dry conditions. There are no major fire departments in these areas, mostly all volunteers (trained). They were told to stand down by the officials!! They DID NOT!!! They kept fighting! They found where someone was lighting toilet paper rolls on fire and setting them off in the woods. There have been fewer and fewer updates since the officials got involved…
It rained a little last night but it didn’t make a dent.
Please ask the FATHER to send rain!!!!

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