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“Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth concerning anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father who is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” – Matthew 18:19-20

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I am so grateful to Jesus for the blessing! For the opportunity to see the Sid Roth’s show with your participation. It is God's gift to write to you! We pray with all my heart for help!

We live in Eurasia, very far from you. (Please, sorry for mistakes, English is not a native language)

Please pray that satan will forever be silent in our lives (Isaac and Rebeca, Igor and Julia, Tatyana, Mark, Eugene and Julia and Andrey, our house and all our friends) Pray for us so that we all and our whole house will let go of all fears, resentments, pain, and PROJECT FORGIVENESS IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST and learn how to do it yourself.

Please pray for us for our relatives healing Andrei (nephew) autism; Tatyana (grandmother) atheist, has dementia, a sick heart, improper metabolism, hand tremor, moves badly, nervous system; Igor (dad) has high blood pressure, heartburn, weak faith in Jesus, nervous system; Julia (mother) has an improper metabolism, thyroid problems, pain in the back and heart, suffocating, weak faith in Jesus, nervous system, Julia survived the injury, the mother-in-law and the mother-in-law constantly humiliated and offended her; Isaac (husband) strengthen faith, has back pain, screams,poor eyesight, migraine, nervous system, physical weakness, despondency; Your help is urgently needed right now.I will be very grateful if you pray for my husband. It is very difficult to experience separation, the pressure rises and the heart stops. I pray you Jesus to save Isaac by Your salvation! was in a rehabilitation center Isaac. There were already two heart attacks. Isaac took a lot of pain on his heart, because for him someone else's pain, as his own. Experiencing injustice in people's lives, loss, separation.

Evgeni (uncle) has an incorrect metabolism, weak faith in Jesus, I (Rebeca) have a nervous tic (jerking chest), poor eyesight, stomach problems. There were several psychoses, I can’t sleep without pills for mental disorders, satan prevents me from talking special about God (voice disappears, panic fear), low self-esteem, nervous system, strengthen faith, physical weakness, despondency. I was rejected a lot of times by Rebeca, sexually molested and offended, injured my psyche, I lay in psychiatric hospitals several times. Men have rejected me many times and people. They shouted at me a lot, offended, beat me. Constantly tormented by memories of past sins, which have already repented. Inna has a bad intestine, she underwent 8 operations; Mark (military), please pray that Jesus will choose his path in His heart.

Please pray for the healing of broken hearts. Please pray for own dignity all of us, God save us from death, accidents, disabilities, improve family and parental relationships

Father, we pray for YOU to give us the gift of prophecy, thoughts pleasing to God, wash us THE FATHER OF THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST AND HEALED ALL OUR DISEASES! BLESS US FORGIVEN ALL


Please pray for help with money for all us, so that we all stop being offended please ask Jesus to serve Him (Isaac, Rebeca, Igor, Julia, Tatyana, Eugene, Julia, Andrey, Svetlana, Tatyana, Marina, Eugene, Mark and all relatives), so that our hearts will be filled with His love, mercy and compassion, bless us to glorify God with all our hearts and souls, to give us the necessary help and protection, to send us a breakthrough, conducting, healing, to feel the presence of God even deeper, strengthen our spirit and to strengthen our faith in Jesus.

Jesus sends me and my husband visions and it seems to me that he wants to bless us to preach the Gospel with husband, so that we bring as many people as possible to the Kingdom of God Please pray for God's will for us. Teach us the Father to read the Bible, pray, preach.

We pray for epiphany with the Holy Spirit and fire epiphany and for the gift of healing diseases, see angels, gift of prophecy if there is God's will.

Pray to Jesus that He will expel from us (Isaac, Rebeca, Igor, Julia, Tanya, Mark, Zhenya, Julia, Andrey, Inna, Olga) all demons, nephelines, demons, satan, evil spirits and all enemies visible and invisible!

Please pray for the angels of healing in our lives, breakthroughs, righteousness, abundance, so that they are in our lives.

Please pray for happiness in our lives, joy, peace and all that God wants for us. Please pray that Rebeca will become pregnant. And the baby was born healthy and loving God. That in the family of Isaac and Rebeca there was peace, peace, joy, happiness always, love for God and for each other according to the HEART of GOD, love for life.

Very full women in our family with a proud spirit, pray for healing.

Forgive the Father, sins of anger, rage, slander, vanity, pride, condemnation, jealousy, laziness, idleness.

Holy Spirit we submit, We need you. Lord, may our hands become Your hands, heal through them, touch, work through them. Lord, may our eyes become Yours, we want to see things, people and situations as You see them. May our ears become Your ears, we want to hear Your voice, may our lips become Your lips, we want to speak Your word. May our feet become Your feet, we want to be where You send, let our nature and heart be one with You, crucify our will, and instead bring back to life, give us the fear of the Lord like Jesus Christ has for You. Holy Spirit, help us also see Jesus like You, Jesus Christ help us see the Father and the Holy Spirit, as YOU and always give glory to God. for Isaac, Rebecca, Igor, Julia, Tatyana, Eugene, Andrey, Julia, the husband’s family. In the name of Jesus Christ. Glory to You!

Bless you Jesus

With God's blessing

Isaac and Rebeca Cohen

Received: September 4, 2019

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