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“Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth concerning anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father who is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” – Matthew 18:19-20

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Sherri Stadel

I'm praying for my children to have their hearts opened back up to me, my daughter Erin, is 38 years old and married to a man named David, who i have never met before. My son is 35 years old and he just quit speaking to me about 4 years ago for no reason that I know of. My mother turned my daughter against me years ago when I had asked my mom to have Erin move in with her because she could get Erin to do anything and Erin is so intelligent and refused to do anything with her life and I wanted her to go to college instead of wasting the brain YHVH had given her. What I didn't know then was that my mom was a narcissist. I pray that I'm not sinning by saying something about my mother that is the truth. But after 2 weeks of living with my mother she was convinced that she was an abused child her entire life and my personal slave who was forced to clean the house all the time. But my daughter can't wash dishes to this day, at least the last time I was at her house about 6 years ago she still had a filthy kitchen and bathroom so she couldn't have been my slave. My mom had always had more control over her than I did because she was grandma's first grandchild and the only girl for 10 years and moms favorite. She got her to go to the most expensive private college in our state and we had to pay for it. But her very best friend in high school's father was a doctor so she insisted on going to that college with her. Because of her friend and my mom she got to live in a huge dorm room with 3 other rich girls and my mom made sure she fit in with the wealthy girls by buying her a car and all the best clothes and accessories and everything else they had. By the time she had her bachelor degrees in psychology, sociology and Anthropologie 4 years later, I didn't know who she was at all anymore. She was going to go into law school but decided to continue in psychology at Northern Illinois University and she met a very sweet Japanese man 4 years later they were married against my wishes because I knew she was never going to be a Japanese wife from a wealthy Japanese family, but my mother insisted and encouraged her to marry him. It was always about my mom and her needing the attention and prestige that my daughter was bringing her. She never stopped to think about what was going to happen to the young Japanese man after the huge wedding and all her student loans were paid off. I still don't know what happened to him but I pray for that young man all the time. She came back home to my mother's house 6 months later divorced. Meanwhile my son was in college for quantum physics and once my mom found out how smart he was she tried getting him to move into her house, but he had seen what happened to Erin after moving into mom's house and said no way. I have never gotten my daughter back and her and my son were always very close. After my parents passed away in 2010 Erin kind of clung to Ryan and being a Psychologist I believe she finally got him to believe things that never happened. When my parents passed away my husband had left me the year before for my sister in law, best friend and maid of honor in 1982. I didn't have anyone in the world to protect me from the person who takes care of the will. It was the woman my husband left me for, my brother's wife. So she refused to do it so my cousin who mom had found out was a thief took over. She had been the one in control of all that before mom found out she was stealing from the people mom was working for. But there wasn't supposed to be anyone dealing with the will at this point because everything was in my name by then because my brother was in prison. That only left me. But my mom had decided to convince her sisters that I was being mean to her the last few years of her life. I was at home taking care of my dad and my husband my dad had a massive stroke in 2001 and I was his POA and I wouldn't let him go to a nursing home because I had been a nursing assistant and I knew how to take care of him, besides that I loved my dad more than anyone. When mom was in the hospital dying dad and I had been staying at her house because I didn't have any income to support myself. I fell and broke my back the first time and signed myself out of the hospital to get back to my dad. I broke it again lifting him and a 3ed time on the snow and destroyed my ankle and had to have surgery on it, so my dad did have to die alone in a nursing home. But while I was in the hospital my family stole 12 or 14 thousand dollars in cash mom had stashed for me and everything else they wanted. My children were no where to be found and I didn't have any help at fighting these people. Now I have a granddaughter who was born on July 29th or 30th that I wasn't even told about and some how my son hates me now. I have nothing and nobody in the world to help me and I have lupus and severe osteoporosi. So many other autoimmune diseases from stress and I can't afford to live here and I need help fixing my house and selling it. I want my children and my granddaughter to love me and know the truth, I want my whole family to know the truth about everything that has happened and every lie that has been told. I don't care about the money or things that were stolen from me. I just want my daughter and her husband and my son and my granddaughter back in my life loving me and loving YaHoVaH, Yahusha and keeping Torah. I need to be healed from the lupus and other things I've had for so long now and be able to get off of every pain medication I've been on for so long and live again for my Father and his son and teach my children and grandchildren about them and Torah. I'm in desperate need right now to get this house fixed and sold so I can move south I pray with my family following me. I've been praying since I found out about Lilly Elizabeth that she would be filled with the Spirit of YaHoVaH while she was still inside of my daughter and turn all their hearts to our Father and His son and change everyone from the inside. I'm still praying that the Spirit will be in her and hundreds of Holy Angels will protect her from all evil of every kind. I need my family to love our Elohim and Yeshua Messiah and love me and I need money to fix my house and sell it and move before winter please! I also have a little pug who is crippled and incontinent and only 9 years old she needs to be healed desperately too. Thank you brothers and sisters

Received: August 2, 2019

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