Shabbat Night Live: 11/07/14

Lessons on the Way to Sinai

Ep. 02 The Song of Moses and Kvetching of Critics

The Israelites were led out of Egypt and delivered from the hands of the pharaoh by YHVH with a mighty miracle. They were mikveh-ed in the Red Sea as they crossed it on dry land, and they began their new life on the other side. However, this new life was not easy, and the journey ahead of them was far from pleasant. The Almighty tested the people – and there was no shortage of complaints in return. Join Michael Rood in the tent of Abraham as he explores the meanings and reasons behind our being tested, even today, and how the way we respond makes all the difference. This is episode 2 of the 7 part series Lessons on the Way to Sinai: The Song of Moses – and Kvetching of Critics.


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